Raw from Orlando, Florida kicked off with the new World Champion John Cena addressing the crowd to tell them he is back and ready, he even thanked JBL for his negativity which has given him the momentum to win the World Title.

Damien Sandow predictably interrupted the new champion to tell him that he still had the case and he could cash in at any time before attacking John Cena with the steel steps and a chair before cashing in the briefcase and getting his WWE title match under way.

Damien Sandow v John Cena

Sandow started the match on top against an injured John Cena and tried to take advantage by going straight for his injured arm, but Cena somehow managed to get the upper hand and even kicked out of Sandow’s Your Welcome, but after a missed cross-body from the top rope, Sandow tried to hit a powerbomb but Cena countered it into the AA for the win.

I have no idea why WWE allowed Sandow to cash in and not give him the title, Sandow has been pushed since his money in the bank win but lately he has not been in the spotlight and received no reaction from this loss, he is also back on the opening credits for NXT so this could be the future for the intellectual superstar.

The Shield cut a promo from backstage to say that Dean wasn’t happy about having to defend his title against Big E Langston, and Roman and Seth were not happy that they no longer had titles. And Roman seemed to look rather annoyed after Dean said that he would successfully defend his title like he always does, dissension in the ranks perhaps? Who knows, but one thing is certain, something is building with The Shield.

Dean Ambrose v Big E Langston (US title)

Both men were sporting stitches from last nights battle at Hell in a Cell, Dean coming of worst needing eight to seal a cut on his chin. The match went as you would have thought with Langston using his power to combat Dean’s offence.

Predictably The Shield involved themselves in the match and Dean again was disqualified. The Uso’s then made the save on behalf of Big E and Brad Maddox (Making his return to Raw for the first time since he was knocked out by the Big Show) made a six man tag match.

Big E Langston and The Uso’s v The Shield

Seth was talking a lot of trash throughout the match but The Shield did managed to take the advantage thanks to Rollins quickness.

It was a free for all towards the end of the match when Big E knocked Dean out the ring, and followed him, Roman and Seth tried to double team the Uso’s but both men hit their double team manoeuvre to take Seth out but Roman hit a fantastic double spear for the win.

Shawn Michaels promo

After he turned on his protégé last night at Hell in a Cell Shawn was out to address the crowd  on his reasoning for what he did. HBK called out Daniel Bryan who duly obliges and Shawn asks him to shake his hand but Daniel refuses. The crowd was chanting you sold out to HBK throughout but Shawn wasn’t bothered, he stuck to his story that Triple H was his best friend and he did it for him. Shawn got pretty angry and turned on Bryan and called him a “Self Righteous puke” Daniel went to shake Shawn’s hand but he turned it into the Yes Lock and refused to break it and so had to be forced off by referees.

Daniel Bryan was backstage being interviewed by Renee Young when she ran away and The Wyatt family attacked. Leaving Daniel on the floor after Sister Abigail, Bray said “The Devil made me do it.”

Los Matadores v 3MB (3 on 1 handicap match)

Bearing in mind that Los Matadores were against 3MB this was hardly a handicap match, Los Matadores have received a definite push since their arrival and these two teams have faced each other a lot lately, there was never going to be any other winner than Los Matadores, the bull distracted Drew Macintyre and Los Matadores hit their double team finisher for the win.

After the match Los Matadores put Heath Slater into his own net so that the bull could attack him.

AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka v The Bella Twins

Because these four divas haven’t faced each other enough over the last few weeks! WWE thought once more couldn’t hurt. Brie didn’t want to compete after seeing what happened to her fiancée moments ago, but Nicki looked like she had convinced her and the match got under way.

AJ and Brie started the action just hours after their match at Hell in a Cell, before Tamina came in and used her strength against Brie. Nicki was tagged in and she managed to bring some offence, but Tamina was to strong for Nicki and after a Samoan drop, she tagged in AJ and Nicki tapped to the Black Widow.

Kane v The Miz

Kane returned at Hell in a Cell, where he saved the Miz from The Wyatt family, only to turn on The Miz after, so tonight Miz was out for some revenge. The awesome superstar limped out to the ring and didn’t look 100% throughout and much like last night Kane hit the chokeslam for the three count.

After the match Kane called out Stephanie McMahon who didn’t disappoint and cautiously stepped out and stayed at the top of the ramp, Kane then shouted at Stephanie for her power trip over the last few weeks before saying “The Monster is yours to unleash” he then walked up the ramp, took off his mask and gave it to Stephanie.

CM Punk v Ryback

Before his match CM Punk told the crowd that he slept like a baby after he finally conquered Paul Heyman, and now he has to deal with Ryback.

The fans chose the stipulation for the match and they chose a “street fight.” It didn’t take long for things to escalate to the outside, Ryback found a table but Punk found a Kendo Stick and was in there faster. Ryback used his strength against the straight edge superstar throughout the match but Punk somehow managed to put Ryback through a table and locked in the Anaconda vice and Ryback tapped.

After the match the lights went out and The Wyatts again attacked, CM Punk was waiting for them and put up a good fight with his Kendo Stick but the numbers game played out the Wyatt’s got the upper hand. Bray then came into the ring and Punk head butted him but this just made the big man angry and allowed him to hit sister Abigail. Bray again said that “The Devil made him do it.”

The Real Americans v Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The WWE tag team champions took on the Real Americans in what had to be a last minute match, Cody and Goldust have been on a good run winning the tag titles and defending them the night before at Hell in a Cell. The Champions looked to have picked up a few more offensive moves and after weeks of being beaten but Los Matadores no one thought that The Real Americans would get a win here.

Goldust tried to get the pin on Swagger but Cesaro saved the match up for his team, Cody climbed back in but was knocked out by Cesaro and Swagger locked in the patriot lock for the submission win. The Real Americans are now on the Tag Team Radar.

Alberto Del Rio was out to cut a promo about losing his title, last night at Hell in a Cell, he was mostly talking about his rematch for the World Title and how much he would make Cena pay, predictable promo from the Mexican.

Summer Rae v Natalya

Both women were accompanied to the ring by their men, after Summer Rae rolled Natalya up last night for the win, The second generation diva was out for revenge and she got it, in a fairly short match Summer showed she had some offence in the ring as well as showing off her dance moves but ultimately the veteran took the advantage and Summer tapped to the Sharp Shooter.

Randy Orton’s WWE Championship celebration.

The WWE Locker room were out to celebrate with Randy Orton, Triple H and The Shield were his protection, and all awaited him in the ring. Orton hugged the COO and his wife as he entered the ring and Stephanie told the WWE Universe that Randy Orton is everyone’s champion before Orton told them how much better than them all he was.

Thankfully we didn’t have to listen to him for long as The Big Show made a b-line for the ring and The Shield attacked, but The Uso’s helped and The WWE locker room took out The Shield, Big Show then watched Triple H and Orton run to the outside and he told Triple H he had nothing to lose, Orton ran in and hit him with his title whilst he was distracted but Big Show knocked him out and Big Show and Triple H were left alone in the ring, Triple H was the one to walk away.

So, Triple H and Big Show look to be heading to a showdown at Survivor Series, Daniel Bryan is in the emergency room, The Wyatts have run riot, who could be next for the strange family? Kane is now at Stephanie’s disposure and The Shield have been beaten by the whole locker room….Survivor Series build up has begun!