Raw from Memphis Tennessee kicked off with the fallout from last Monday where The Big Show interfered to give Cody Rhodes and Goldust the Tag Team Championship.

Triple H and Stephanie came out all loved up, not what you want to see early in the morning, but they were apparently out to build up to Hell in A Cell this Sunday, but they were interrupted by an angry Big Show who appeared via satellite to tell Triple H he was suing him for a list of things and he told The Game that he shouldn’t be angry but judging by who he wakes up to, he can see why he is.

Stephanie then turned the satellite off and Triple H introduced Dean Ambrose but Daniel Bryan came out instead, I don’t know if this was a botch on Triple H’s behalf or if it was supposed to happen, but he came out and  his match against Ambrose got underway.

Dean Ambrose v Daniel Bryan

One of the most underutilised wrestlers in WWE right now, Dean Ambrose held his own in a match against the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Ambrose doesn’t even have a match at Hell in a Cell, which tells you how little the company seem to think of him, there was nothing to build up in this match, these two have faced each other a lot lately so it was no surprise that they were facing each other again!

Daniel Bryan did his usual crowd pleasing set, with his WWE title match in six days he couldn’t afford to lose this match if he wanted any form of momentum, and sure enough Bryan got the win via submission after he locked in the Yes Lock.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

CM Punk was out to cut a promo heading into his handicap match against Ryback and Paul Heyman inside Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Punk looked excited at the thought of getting his hands on Heyman, even with all the injuries Punk has at the moment I still feel like he may be the one finally ending this feud in six days, it seems like this has gone as far as it can, Lesnar, Axel, Heyman, Ryback, we have gone through this storyline since Money In The Bank and I hope we can finally see an appropriate ending so that CM Punk can get back on the title trail.

Triple H was talking to Vickie backstage, telling her to handle all the small stuff when he walked into his office and HBK was waiting, and he was upset that Triple H wasn’t happy to see him. Then they had a conversation about whether Daniel Bryan could be the face of the company.

Santino Marella v Heath Slater

Santino was joined by The Great Khali and Hornswoggle and they were all dressed as Elvis, at a guess I think it’s because Elvis was from Tennessee but it was still weird!  The match started with quite possible the worst dance off I have ever seen, and WWE have had some bad ones, but Santino hit Heath a chop on the action finally got underway, Heath seemed to have the upperhand until his shoulder met the ring post and Santino hit the Cobra for a quick win.

Winner: Santino Marella

Santino then announced that there was only one king from Memphis and that was Jerry Lawler, he then joined him on top of the announce table and they all danced to Elvis music.

Randy Orton v Dolph Ziggler

One of the most attractive matches WWE have had in a while, WWE did announce that they were no longer pushing Dolph because they believed he would never be a superstar who brought in money, this being said you would have to be overly optimistic to think the show-off could beat the former WWE Champion.

Orton has turned into the old Viper as of late and he really took it to Dolph, but Ziggler countered Randy’s DDT, something I haven’t yet seen done and tried to get the upper hand but The Appex Predator was a man possessed and he continued to take it to Dolph outside the ring.

It was back and forth for the rest of the match and Dolph put up a good fight but he was the victim of an RKO and that sealed his fate.

Winner: Randy Orton

We saw the John Cena promo again about how fast he has managed to heal, and as a sort of build up to his title match in six days, all I worry is that it could be too much too soon, remember Del Rio has the cross arm breaker as his finisher and John has just had his arm repaired. This is something worth thinking about.

The Bella Twins v Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee

Brie will face AJ for the second Pay-Per-View in a row on Sunday so this was WWE giving the divas some air time, Nicki was back in action after weeks out through a leg injury, and she didn’t look like she has a lot of ring rust against Tamina, the second generation superstar really took it to one half of the Bella Twins,

Brie looked like she was holding her own against the Divas Champion, and managed to hit her face plant after Tamina’s distraction backfired, and that was the second time Brie has pinned AJ in 3 days. Could we have a new Divas Champion Sunday? I hope not, AJ is a heel yes and Brie has the fans behind her right now but with The Shield losing their titles and Del Rio probably set to lose his to John I think we need at least on heel Champion and AJ is the best bet, I still don’t feel like Brie is at the top of her game and giving her the title now would be a bad move.

Winners: The Bella Twins

So CM Punk cut his promo earlier in the night, and so we knew Heyman had cut his promo, I don’t know if he was acting scared and angry or if he is actually afraid of CM punk, but either way, Hell In A Cell won’t be a happy place for Heyman this weekend.

Big E Langston interrupted the promo to tell Heyman he isn’t a marginal talent and then Axel called Langston a rookie! Surely Axel is the rookie? Very hypocritical but that set up a match for tonight.

The Wyatt Brothers v Kofi Kingston and The Miz

Bray Wyatt is not cleared to wrestle for a while so his brothers look to be stepping into his fued with Kofi and The Miz, the smaller men kept themselves in the match for a long time but Harper provided the distraction and when Kofi hit trouble in paradise to Harper, Rowan was waiting to hit his variation of clothesline from hell for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Brothers

After the match as always the Brothers continued to beat down Kofi, The Miz tried to save him but the odds were against him and after tying him up in the ropes, Bray told him all about a creator of life and to follow the buzzards before it all went black.

Curtis Axel v Big E Langston

Big E took down Axel before the match began and Ryback got involved and the two on one beat down began. Langston managed to hold his own but Heyman got involved with a Kendo stick which brought out CM Punk with his own stick.

Vickie Guerrero then came out and made the tag team match of CM Punk and Big E Langston against Curtis Axel and Ryback.

Langston was on top when Raw returned from commercial, and the faces seemed to be taking it to the Heyman guys, and they stayed on top throughout the short match, after Big E took it to Axel and Ryback tried to get involved, Punk disposed of Ryback and Big E hit the big ending on Axel.

Winners: Big E Langston and CM Punk

After the match Punk realised Heyman was on his own and chased him out of the ring area before he celebrated with the fans. I will point out that Punk is still yet to get the upper hand on Ryback, both times Big E has disposed of the bully so I don’t know how Punk is going to combat his power when they collide on Sunday.

Tons of funk v The Real Americans

A pretty pointless filler match, Cesaro got the swing on Brodus Clay before Jack Swagger put the patriot lock on Clay for the submission win. Zebb then cut a promo about Los Matadors and then took out a whip…So much for WWE being PG.

Winners: The Real Americans

It was then announced that Big E Langston would face Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship at the Hell in a Cell kick off show.

The Shield v The Usos

This was a No 1 contenders match for the Tag Team Championship. But forgive me if I’m wrong but don’t The Shield get their automatic rematch? Why should they have to be involved in this match when they automatically get a chance to regain their titles?

Either way, The Usos took on the Shield, even though the Uso’s were also already Number One contenders, they were all put in a match that should have been a triple threat tag match for the titles. WWE again have no idea how to handle their titles so if The Shield won The Uso’s would lose their shot.

Rhodes and Goldust were on commentary for the match and how annoying is Goldust? Wow, I was close to muting the TV! But anyway, back to the action and The Uso’s were on top of The Shield but as predicted The Rhodes involved themselves in a match they weren’t a part of, and the Shield were suddenly in a 4 on 3 situation.

There were bodies everywhere but it all ended with The Shield heading backstage and The Rhodes and The Uso’s celebrating in the ring.

Winner: No Contest/Disqualification

WWE made the right choice in announcing that at Hell in a Cell it would be a triple threat match for the WWE tag team championship with The Uso’s v The Shield v The Rhodes family.

The contract signing ended Raw and we all knew something was going to go down, there is no such thing as a straight forward contract signing in WWE.

Everyone came out and the ring was looking very full, and Stephanie got everyone down to business with Randy Orton being handed the contract. Randy then had his say about how many people he has beaten at Hell in a Cell, Daniel then gave his side of the story about being an underdog and how much he will win this Sunday.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H then had a back and forth over who is better, Triple H turned down the opportunity to face Daniel Bryan because he is b+, and he will never step foot back in the ring unless it’s against a star, little bit awkward since, he is supposed to be facing Big Show in a few months….

Triple H then made a big mistake by saying Shawn Michaels wasted his time training Daniel Bryan because Shawn then asked Triple H what he had become because he is not the best friend he remembers. Before everyone agreed that Shawn Michaels will do what’s right.

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan were about to face off when a truck came through the arena, with the seven foot trespasser at the wheel. Big Show provided the distraction for Daniel Bryan to hit the knee to Orton’s face.

So Daniel Bryan heads into Hell in a Cell with the upper hand and his mentor as the referee, John Cena returns to face Del Rio who hasn’t appeared on Raw this week, there will be a triple threat match for the tag titles and AJ Lee could lose her title.

Hell in a Cell is in six days and Smackdown will be recorded tonight and continue the build-up, but either way, Hell in a Cell could is shaping up to be the best Pay Per View this year!