Raw from Manchester, kicked off with the news that there was no authority on Raw, with Triple H and Stephanie on vacation, meaning there was no one there to make sure the superstars remained in line.

Randy Orton then came out and talked about his match with the Big Show at Survivor Series and how he would do what he did last week to him, he then said with the McMahon’s away this week, he is in charge of the show.

Predictably he was interrupted by Raw General Manager Brad Maddox who told the WWE Champion he was in charge and whilst he appreciated his help he could run the show. And then Kane (The new director of operations) came out looking very strange in a suit.

Kane then announced that he was in charge, his and Maddox argued about this before Maddox announced that Randy Orton would face Cody Rhodes tonight, but Kane said he would face Goldust, they continued to argue for a while before Vicky Guerrero came out and announced that Randy Orton would face Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Randy Orton v Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The WWE Champion started the match with Goldust, who was keeping the pace up in the match before he tagged in his brother but Goldust blind tagged himself back in, Orton took control of the veteran and kept the beat down going before dust managed to fight back and tag Cody back in, he gained a near fall from a moon-sault but after he was clotheslined out of the ring, Orton was in no rush to get back in and the Tag Team Champions secured the win via count out.

Predictably The Big Show made himself known as Orton tried to head to the back, Rhodes cleared the ring but Orton went straight after Big Show, the bigger man got the advantage and after moving the steps over to the announce table, choke slammed the legend killer through them. He looked legit hurt but he may just be a good actor.

Los Matadores and Santino Marella v 3MB

Santino came out with bullhorns on and 3MB came out wearing the Union Jack flag, obviously playing to the British crowd.

El Torito played a big part in the match, targeting Heath Slater again. Torito hit Drew Macintyre with a high rick maneuver which left Jinder Mahal and Santino as the legal men in the ring, Santino hit a bull headed cobra for the win.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was being treated and Brad apologised for the match because it wasn’t his idea, Vickie and Kane followed suit, but Orton was having none of it and told them to apologise to the McMahon’s next week. Kane told him that if he kept running his mouth Big Show wouldn’t be his only problem.

Kofi Kingston v Damien Sandow

The match was back and forth with Sandow maintaining the upper hand for a lot of the match, Kofi did fight back but Sandow hit the You’re Welcome for the win.

Dolph Ziggler v Curtis Axel

Ziggler was given a much deserved shot at Axel’s title and he seemed to really be going for it. Axel hit the first few blows to Ziggler but Dolph replied with his own offence and his 10 elbows. Ziggler threw everything at Axel and even attempted the Zig Zag but Axel grabbed the ropes, threw Dolph into the air and straight to the mat and the win via a swinging neck breaker.

BACKSTAGE: Brad and Kane were arguing in the office, before the GM announced John Cena would face the Real Americans in a handicap match, but Kane then announced that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk would be in a handicap match against The Shield.

Nikki Bella v Tamina Snuka

Not the best Divas match but an entertaining one, Nikki seems to be coming back from injury  nicely but with a little help from AJ Lee, Tamina got the win via the big splash.

After the match Brie hit AJ and Tamina with a dropkick.

BACKSTAGE: WWE doctors were still assessing Orton’s shoulder when The Shield paid the WWE Champion a visit, Orton asked where they were when Big Show attacked him and Dean Ambrose told him it was none of his business. Seth told him that they don’t work for Vickie, Kane or Brad and Roman told him they definitely don’t work for him. Rollins told him to feel better and they left.

Fandango v Tyson Kidd

A rather quick paced match, both men were allowed to show their in ring expertise and Kidd got the upper hand, only for Fandango to switch his momentum throwing Kidd to the outside.

The match continued back and forth before Tyson hit a hurracanrana to the outside but as he got back in the ring Fandango rolled him up for the quick pin.

John Cena v The Real Americans

Cena tried to get the upper hand knowing that he was in a predicament with both men after him, he threw Swagger over to make the tag to Cesaro but as soon as they locked up Del Rio’s music hit and out he came to sit on commentary.

Swagger managed to lock in the patriot lock which Cena countered into the Attitude adjustment but Cesaro broke up the three count. Swagger went for the tag but Cena hit a power bomb for a two count.

Cesaro and Cena had a good showdown hitting each other with lefts and rights but Cesaro landed a European uppercut for a two count. Cena hit the cross body on Swagger and knocked Cesaro out of the ring when he locked in the STF for the submission win.

As soon as the bell rang Cesaro was back in and all over Cena. Cena fought back and dumped Cesaro out of the ring. Del Rio was in the ring with a steel chair and after hitting Cena in the mid section locked in the arm breaker.

Big E Langston made the save for the World Champion and threw Del Rio out of the ring.

BACKSTAGE: Del Rio is bragging about what he did to Cena and Brad told him what he did was best for business. Del Rio then says he will beat Cena at Survivor Series and Langston should stay out of his business. Kane then told him that he should make Langston feel how Cena feels.

Ryback v R-Truth

Both men went at each other with Ryback trying to get R-Truth into a headlock, but when he realised he couldn’t he just landed some kicks and punches. Ryback went for the meat hook clothesline but Truth ducked it and rolled the big man up for a quick pin.

Big E Langston v Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio was out to teach Big E a lesson and they both began the match exchanging blows, Del Rio tried to lock in the cross arm breaker but Langston fought out before going for the Big Ending, Del Rio managed to counter this back into the cross arm breaker to make the big man tap.

After the match Paul Heyman was in the ring with Axel with almost every part of his body bandaged whilst sitting in a wheel chair.

Heyman explained that all of this was because of what CM Punk did to him at Hell in a Cell. But said Punk didn’t do it alone and he was no match for him one-on-one. He then said Ryback let him down and he was out for revenge on Punk.

Punk then hit the ring with a Kendo Stick, Axel tried to stop him but was hit with a GTS. Punk then tipped Heyman out of his wheelchair and beat him with the stick until Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk v The Shield

Punk started out against Ambrose with a brief exchange before Punk tagged in Bryan. Who mounted up his usual amount of offence before Ambrose hit him with a Elbow that knocked him off his feet.

Seth Rollins was tagged in and Bryan found composure to land some big kicks to the smaller man and locked him in his surfboard submission. Bryan then tagged in Punk who attempted the GTS but Rollins managed to pull out and tagged in Reins. Punk and Reins locked up with the bigger man getting the advantage and landing a few kicks to Punk’s midsection.

Punk managed to lock Ambrose into the Anaconda Vice but the lights went out and when they came back up Rowan and Harper were in the ring with Bray outside. Punk knocked Rollins into Harper and both men exchanged words. Punk and Bryan high tailed it out of the ring and left The Wyatts and The Shield to argue before Bray suggested both teams go after the common enemy in Punk and Bryan. They head after the two men but The Uso’s and The Rhodes make the save.

So, Big E Langston is Cena’s bodyguard, Punk and Bryan have more enemies the Randy Orton, and Big Show is running riot! How will the McMahon’s react next week?