The news on Derrick Rose has changed more than a few betting plans this month as the star guard is forced to take some time out to heal up. Rose will be undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. This comes right after Rose returned from a year-and-a-half long break to recover from a torn ACL.

derrick rose

It’s unclear how long Rose is going to be out of the game, but the Bulls are going to need to restrategize their plan for the season. As we see it, they’re going to make at least some of the following adjustments in order to have a strong game:

  • Carlos Boozer

Boozer is going to have to step up and take over a big portion of the offense this season. It won’t be easy, but it will give Boozer an opportunity to really show some of his best work. This could be the season that makes or breaks Boozer’s legacy.

  • Luol Deng

Deng is going to be another load-bearing column for the team this season. Look for a lot of headlines about Deng this season.

  • Set Some Realistic Goals

It may well be that the Bulls just aren’t going to have a clear shot for the top spot this season. Aiming for a top three position may be a little more realistic, and this is something that betters will want to keep in mind if they plan on playing the NBA. Even with Nikola Mirotic, one of the top European prospects, you’d be hard pressed to find a Bulls fan that won’t tell you that the team’s future rests in Rose’s hands.

  • Cutting Losses

There’s always a chance that Rose won’t be able to come back from his injury, or that if he does, he won’t be in peak form. We may see the Bulls doing a lot of trading throughout 2014 and 2015 in an effort to adjust to the permanent loss of their star guard.

It may seem that the wisest path for the team to take will be to simply assume that Rose is going to miss the rest of the season, as it doesn’t look like he’s coming back any time soon, and operating under the assumption that he’s going to make a spirited return is going to leave the Bulls waiting on a boon that may never come.

For those looking into basketball news and odds, it may be a little too soon to make an accurate prediction about how the season is going to play out for the team, and anyone tracking the Bulls has likely been disappointed before as the team has gone from championship contender to a team dealt a crippling blow, and back again, twice.

Currently, the team remain in purgatory. Until Rose’s fate is known, we simply can’t be certain of what will happen to his team.