It is fairly simple to understand what women typically look for in a coat. They want something that is feminine and will keep them warm, yet compliment the widest range of clothing that they have in their closet. Those who shop for mens coats do not search for features that are too different, with the exception of the feminine factor, of course.

Most men want coats that are durable and versatile. Many do not want the task of having to shop for a new coat every chilly season, so they look for coats that can last for years. This is as much about the savings they see in their wallets as it is about the convenience of shopping. They look for materials like leather or weather resistant vinyl that can withstand many different types of weather. When they find this special coat, it often becomes their standard go-to coat for almost any occasion.

Men also need coats that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Conservative designs that are as appropriate for dressy business meetings as they are for casual outings with friends will always be in style. It is not an area where people want to invest a lot of thought. They simply want to be able the grab the coat that is in the closet nearest the front door on their way out.

Coats are intended to be an extra layer to help keep the body warm. This means they should also be easy to shed. The right coat does not take up a lot of room, is easy to tuck away and easy to slip back into when it is time to go.