The filming of the Entourage movie is in full swing and this week saw UFC fighter “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey take on her cameo role in the movie. In the scene, Ronda is playing herself and the script shows the Entourage gang biting off more than they can chew when they get into trouble with Ronda.


The cast of Entourage are sitting inside their black Escalade car when Ronda jumps out of her red Corvette brandishing a nightstick with a pink handle. She then smashes it into the bonnet of their car, showing off her fighting skills to good effect.


The reason this particular scene was shot this week is because one of the stars, Kevin Connolly, who plays the character Eric ‘E’ Murphy, had broken his leg the previous week during filming with Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson. Connolly tripped over a sprinkler hose while attempting to catch a ball thrown by Wilson.


So, following weekend surgery to his ankle, Connolly needed to be shot in scenes that didn’t show his cast – hence the car scene being chosen by director Doug Ellin this week. Connolly was given VIP treatment by the rest of the cast for coming back to work so quickly after his surgery. Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier were all fussing around him on set. He spent time between shooting scenes being wheeled around the set in a wheelchair with his leg raised.


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Ronda and Russell Wilson aren’t the only stars taking cameo roles in Entourage. Action man actor Liam Neeson has already filmed one scene and New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is also supposed to appear in the film, which has a June 2015 release date.