Horse Racing Betting works in two ways: You can bet either on winning horse or on loosing (laying) horse. But, when it comes to winning the bet, the chances are higher on laying horses.

If you are betting on a winning horse, your horse has to beat all other horses to win the race. In other words, all other horses are running against you. If your horse looses against any one of them, you lose. Betting on laying horse means picking up the horse that will not win the race. It means all other horses in the race are running for you. If any of them wins the race, you win! Thus, the probability of winning the bet is more on laying horses.

It is important to understand which horse to pick because if you lose, it may wipe out your previous profits plus your original betting banks. Favourite horses are made favorite by none other than us. If a thousand people who do not know what they are doing place £1000 on the same horse, it becomes favorite though it was down in the last race. A wise way is to find the “false” favorites that are made favorites just because of a reason or two and are not actually favorites.

Follow these simple and easy steps to find the “false” favorites to make “laying” safe and profitable.

1)      Refer to a daily newspaper or racing websites, and select the race with more number of runners in them. See that the horse you choose is “course & distance” winner.

2)      If you are a beginner, search for horse racing ready coupons to place free bets on laying horses up to some amount.

3)      Look out for handicap races having 16 or more runners.

4)      Apprentice or women jockey races are also a good option for laying the favorite because they do make errors of judgment.

5)      If the horse is carrying more weight than previous race, then lay it.

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