Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential? We all strive to be the best at what we love and to constantly improve ourselves. As a personal trainer, your job is to not only be the best you can be, but also help people to become the best they can be. If you aren’t a personal trainer yet, but feel like you have what it takes to be the best, look at studying courses online, from professionals like Fitlink. Then read on for some simple tips to keep you on top of your game.


To be the best, you need to know more than the rest. Start with understanding the importance of proper form and technique. Teaching people to do their exercises with proper form will help them to improve faster. They will notice themselves how doing a movement at a slightly different angle greatly increases the difficulty of an exercise, and in the long run thank you for showing them.

You will also need to know the importance of nutrition and share it with your clients. Help them decide their meal plans with the appropriate nutrition for the fitness goals. Remember not everyone is out to just lose weight, some want to gain muscle mass and others seek lean muscle. It’s up to you to use your understanding to help them.


Talking to, and understanding, your clients is a key part of being a personal trainer. More often than not people will use their personal trainer as someone to vent their daily frustrations to. To be the best, you need to be able to talk to them about their outside life and support them. You can even use what they say to motivate them to reach their goals. Empathy and encouragement are also integral to being the best. You need to understand where your client comes from, and where they want to go. Put yourself in their shoes. Every time they reach a goal, let them know how well they are doing. It helps to be a socially active person, with a naturally friendly demeanour, to be successful in this career.

Your Specialty

Having a specialty area will immediately boost your success. A specialty says you know your capacity, be it training children, the elderly or fit persons looking for some extra push. While being a general personal trainer at a gym is great, a specific field will give you a wider customer base, and if you do well, word of mouth advertising for more clients.

Keep Learning

The thing that really separates the good from the best is the ability to constantly continue to learn. Fitness trends are ever changing and so will client needs. You have to be ready to adapt and learn new things, and even change your own old habits to fit your client’s needs. Science is constantly advancing with new understanding nutrition and workout plans. It is your job as the best PT to know these advancements and implement them into your training.

Being the best you can be is no easy task, but as a fitness professional you aren’t new to challenges. Push yourself and you can always achieve your goals. Are you the best you can be? What do you do to stay at the top? Leave your comments below.