In today’s modern society, traditional sports are quickly becoming eclipsed by two popular types of alternative – fantasy sports and e-sports. This article takes a look at exactly what these two types of sport are, and why they have become so popular in the last decade. The infographic below also provides some interesting facts and figures relating to fantasy sports, and in particular the online betting platforms that complement them.

Fantasy Sports

A brief history

Fantasy sports have been around for many years. Originally, groups of friends and coworkers would create their own fantasy leagues and compete against each other to create the best sports team in a particular league or competition. As technology has developed and the internet has flourished, fantasy sports leagues and competitions are now available online through platforms such as DraftKings and FanDuel. According to statistics at, there are millions of people participating in Fantasy Sports just on these two websites, which is a testament to how popular the trend has become over the last few years. Individuals can register an account and enter a myriad of different leagues to potentially win cash prizes.

The basic premise of traditional fantasy sports remains the same – users can pick favourite players from an available draft and create an ideal team. As the season unfolds, they can track their progress and see how their chosen players perform in real life.

For example, you may wish to join an online fantasy sports competition for the NBA and pick players such as LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant for your team. Regular competitions are held, and you can also play through full seasons such as the NBA and NFL regular seasons.

Why are they so popular?

For sports fans, online fantasy sports platforms allow them to play out their wildest dreams. Fans can try out managerial skills and create the dream team they always wanted – who wouldn’t want to create a basketball team composed of Westbrook, Harden, James, Curry and Love?

Furthermore, fans also love online fantasy leagues as it provides an element of competition, and if you know your stuff, you can win cash – it’s the perfect combination! Finally, online fantasy sports platforms are convenient, easy to use, and accessible. The most popular platforms have a mobile app, so you can check your team and stats from virtually anywhere!


A brief history

E-sports stands for electronic sports. Some people may frown upon the definition of this type of competition as a sport, but it carries all the hallmarks of a sport, including teams, rules, matches and tournaments. The only way that e-sports differ is the lack of physical exertion (and even that can be disputed – have you ever watched a professional gamer using his controller or mouse and keyboard?!).

Electronic sporting competitions involved a myriad of gamers or “clans” taking part in matches through online video games. Individuals or teams of gamers will fight it out in matches much in the same way that two soccer teams, for example, would play a 90 minute match. Popular e-sports games include the Call of Duty franchise, Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Fifa, Battlefield, Warcraft, and World of Tanks.

Initially, e-sport competitions were generally low key and involved small cash prizes, but as the popularity of online gaming improved, so did the availability and scale of e-sports leagues/tournaments. Gamers can now join a variety of well known leagues such as Major League Gaming, the European gaming League, and the Electronic Sports League, where they can compete against others for large cash prizes.

Why are they so popular?

E-sports appeal to a gamers competitive side and allow players to see how good their skills really are. If you are serious about gaming, entering an e-sport competition or league can provide you with an unrivaled level of fun, but at the same time challenge your abilities further. You can go toe to toe with other skilled gamers and push yourself to new heights.

Additionally, e-sport team based competitions and leagues provide camaraderie, teamwork, and the chance to build a network of friends who you can socialise with. Finally, entering leagues and competitions such as these provides gamers with the potential to get paid for what they love doing – it is literally a dream come true and the perfect job!

There you have it – insight into the world of fantasy and electronic sports. Traditional sports continue to dominate the media, television and public spotlight, but there is no doubt that these two types of sport are becoming increasingly popular.

As prominent platforms continue to push fantasy leagues and e-sports competitions such as DraftKings and Major League Gaming, we should see a further increase in their popularity and usage. The infographic below provides some additional information relating to online fantasy sports platforms and how they have evolved over the years: