Millions upon millions of fans get involved in the sports scene each year in some way. We can safely conclude that the sports scene has breathed a life force into the world today and it is unimaginable to think how life would be like without it. If you want to take a ‘football pilgrimage’ or a holiday around sporting events, below is a good place to begin.

Narrowing down the five greatest sports moments is no mean feat; each player, coach or fan probably has an own definition of iconic and many lives have been changed in the course of sporting. This list highlights what we consider the most outstanding and special moments recounted over generation by many; meaningful and significant to most who witnessed it firsthand.

1. Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier – 15th April 1947

This moment stands out as iconic in the history of Major League Baseball and this is what went down: Jackie Robinson, who was the first African-American player in the major leagues made his debut into the major league playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The debut was made before fans that battled for 26,623 sporting event tickets, many of them African-American. His team manager stood by him after some players opted to bench out than play alongside a black man, and that day represented a change, not just in the history of baseball, but all other sports as well.

2. Jesse Owens dominating the Olympics in 1936

During the Olympics held in Berlin Germany, Jesse, who was a track and field athlete lead the entire competition. He claimed gold medals in 200 m and 100 m sprints and was part of the quartet that won the 4 x 100 relay as well as the long jump. His victories were made much sweeter by the fact that he was African American (think 1936) beating the best athletes in the world and because he discredited the ‘Aryan myth’.

Hitler established the Aryan myth who used the Olympics to spread word that Aryans were a superior race making African Americans inferior. By winning four gold medals, Owens disproved that theory and became the first made African-American to gain an endorsement deal (Adidas).

3. Michael Jordan’s final shot for the Chicago Bulls

This occurred during the 6th game of the NBA finals when the Bulls were trailing Utah Jazz 86-85 with less than 30 seconds to go. Jordan took the ball from Utah Jazz’s Karl Malone and crossed the court toward the Bulls’ side. With less than ten seconds on the clock, he managed to shake free of defender Bryon Russell and nailed a 2-point jumper to give the Bulls an 87-86 victory over Utah Jazz.

The shot won the Bulls the match and the 6th title in eight years of NBA. Jordan has had many memorable moments, but this was more remarkable since it was the last shot he took wearing the Chicago Bulls uniform, leaving on top and in style with six titles under his proverbial belt.

4. Hank Aaron breaks the home run record – 8th April 1974

Hammerin’ Hank Aaron clobbered his 715th home run into the left center, breaking the 714 home run record that Babe Ruth had set. Hank had ended the 1973 season with 713 home runs and he was afraid he would not see the 1974 season since he was African American. He had received numerous death threats from people who couldn’t stomach the possibility of a black man breaking the long held record by a white man, especially one as meaningful as this one.

He did live to see himself break the record before a crowd of 53,775 gathered in Atlanta.

  1. 5.      Miracle on Ice

Undoubtedly the greatest moment in sporting history: the US Olympic Hockey Team came to play against the four-time champions the USSR months before. The Soviets had outperformed these boys, losing by a ghastly 10-3. The US team however got their act together and managed to beat the Soviets by 4-3, making the winning an ultimate David-Goliath moment.