Do you believe in omens?

Do you believe in curses?

Do you believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter?

Wait a minute. That last one was from Bull Durham, and we’re not talking bull here. We’re talking serious; World Series. As in which team is going to win the 2016 Fall Classic.

If you believe in omens, then the San Francisco Giants are the team for you. Even though San Francisco is listed in Bovada’s futures book at +1000 to win the World Series, recent history suggests there are even (numbered) odds to suggest the title will land with the Giants.

Buster Posey, Hunter Pence and the boys have previously brought the World Series to the Golden Gate City in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Now add two to 2014 and what do you get?


See what we mean?

If you believe in curses, then the Chicago Cubs aren’t the team for you, no matter what the sports books say.


And Bovada says the Cubs are the +290 favorites to win the World Series this fall, which would launch an otherworldly party on Chicago’s south side. Nobody had even heard of Al Capone the last time the Cubs celebrated a World Series Crown. The NHL was still nine years from birth, the NFL a dozen years away from launching.

Yeah, it’s been awhile, 108 years to be precise. That was so long ago that Christy Mathewson, with his 37 wins, 1.43 earned-run average and 259 strikeouts, would’ve been the runaway Cy Young Award winner, had there been a Cy Young Award.

But there wasn’t because . . . well because Cy Young was still pitching in the big leagues in 1908. In fact, he threw a no-hitter that season for Boston on June 30.

As we said, it’s been awhile. And it’s going to be a while longer, because the Cubs aren’t winning it all this fall.



Neither are the Cleveland Indians, who are listed at odds of +900 to take the title. The Tribe, who haven’t won the World Series since 1948, are running away with the American League Central Division title. But you can’t honestly believe that the Indians are going to give Cleveland, a city that had gone since 1964 without a major sporting title of any kind, two of them in the same year after the Cavaliers captured the NBA title.

Fate never shines on Cleveland that much.

A long streak of despair will be ended this fall, but it will arrive to an American League city much warmer and further west than Cleveland.

The Texas Rangers are going to win the 2016 World Series.



Texas has been knocking on the door for several years now, and the time of reckoning is about to arrive. Already a deep, solid team, the Rangers bolstered their lineup at the MLB trade deadline, adding veteran bat Carlos Beltran, slugging catcher Jonathan Lucroy – who vetoed a trade to the Indians by the way – and solidified their bullpen via the addition of former Milwaukee Brewers closer Jeremy Jeffress, dropping their World Series odds in Bovada’s futures book to +650.

The Rangers rode west to Texas from Washington in 1972, when the Senators departed from the U.S. capital city, so it’s only appropriate the team the Rangers will face in this year’s Fall Classic will be the Washington Nationals.



Another team uprooted from its original home – or have you already forgotten about the Montreal Expos – the Nationals are a young squad with a bright future ahead, and that future will take a quantum leap forward this season when they win the National League Championship Series. Bovada has the Nationals at +500 to take the Fall Classic.

You can also make a valid argument for backing the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays, listed at +900, also loaded up at the deadline, fully aware that Edwin Encarnacion and Joey Bautista are free agents at season’s end. The Jays want to win badly and the sooner the better.

You can never go wrong rolling the dice with the St. Louis Cardinals at +3330 if you’re in the mood for a long shot. The Cardinals are always well schooled in the ways of fundamental baseball and seem to find ways to win when you least expect it.

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