The time the entire Rugby calendar has been waiting for is finally upon us. That’s right; the first-even Asian Rugby World Cup is here, and we’ve got endless Rugby and fun to enjoy before 2nd November. This week alone we’ve seen tears, tantrums, and some fantastic players indeed. The question is, how do you pick a winner

Honestly, there are a few significant contenders for the top spot this year. Before you place your bets and count your votes, then, you might want to consider what each top team has to offer. That way, you can tackle exactly which team is liable to win.


South Africa

Honestly, South Africa seems to be the favourite to win this year. Rugby betting is going wild in their favour, and there’s a good reason for it. Recent years might have been a struggle for the team, but their Rugby Championship victory under Rassie Erasmus means they’re undeniably on the up and up. And, that’s a win they could ride straight to the World Cup final this year. South African fans are certainly hopeful that this could be the third time their country has held the cup, but only time and their players will tell. 










Our own England deserve their place on this list, too. The 2018 Six Nations might have been a down point, but the team have come back fighting with wins against Australia and South Africa (the favourites, remember?). If their warm-up matches are anything to go by, their fans are certainly in for a World Cup treat. That said, they have landed a tough grouping this year, with top teams like Argentina to get through. With their iconic speed and power to back them, though, many believe that Eddie Jones’ men are in with more than half a chance.


New Zealand

Last year’s winners, New Zealand always gain a place in the top running, and 2019 is no different. This, even though Wales and Ireland knocked robbed them of their top World Rugby ranking this year. Despite a bad year, many of their fans are hopeful that a win here could redeem their team. It isn’t too outlandish an ask, especially not when you consider that the majority of this team have been going strong for at least four years. That means they know exactly what it takes to win!



We couldn’t mention favourites without talking about Wales. 2019 has seen them becoming the world’s top-ranked side, making this the first-ever World Cup in which they’ve been one of the favourite teams for the top spot. And, anyone has to admit that their recognition here is well deserved. This team’s world-class players certainly have what it takes to get the trophy. All they have to do now is get through a slightly hellish group against top teams like Australia.

Of course, it’s not over until the rugby players sing, but you can bet that keeping your eyes peeled on these top teams will pay off along the way.