The 37th annual Survivor Series arrived in Boston Massachusetts the home town of World Champion John Cena.

Kick Off show

The Miz v Kofi Kingston

After his teased hell turn Monday Night on Raw The Miz faced off against the man he screwed over Kofi Kingston. The men shook hands before the match, ending the speculation of The Miz making a full heel turn.

The match itself contained more roll ups than a normal match but also showcased the two quite well, Kofi had a spate of momentum that lead to him hitting the SOS but Miz kicked out at two. The Miz finally claimed the win after reversing a roll up made by Kofi.

Winner: The Miz

Triple H and Stephanie came out to introduce everyone to Survivor Series and reiterate that there would be no interference in any carded match this evening.

Traditional five on five tag team elimination match.

Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and The Usos v The Shield and The Real Americans

Zebb Colter, cut a promo about twerking before he was cut off by Cody Rhodes who then showed the audience his own version of twerking.

Dean Ambrose and Cody started the match up with Cody claiming the roll up pin on The United States champion for the elimination.

All hell broke loose in the ring after Dean hit a cheap shot to Goldustbut order was restored and Seth Rollins took over with Goldust. The Real American’s kept the quick tags on one half of the tag team champions, but Rey Mysterio was tagged in and he and the Uso’s teamed up to dispose of Jack Swagger.

The Cesaro swing hit both The Uso’s but Cody was tagged back in and eliminated Antonio after a sunset flip.

Seth and Roman were the only remaining opponents in a 5 on 2 situation, but Reigns evened the odds when spears to both Cody Rhodes and Jay Uso were enough to order them an early bath.

Seth Rollins took the match to two on two after a stamp on the face of Jimmy Uso was enough to seal his elimination.

Rey Mysterio countered an electric chair attempt from Rollins to balance the odds back into his and Goldust’s favour.

Before he headed to the back Seth attacked Rey and left Reigns with the upper hand, allowing him to spear Goldust and counter a 619 to claim the win for his team.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match Roman mouthed to Rey how close he was and “maybe next time.”

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was talking to Triple H and Stephanie about whether or not they were all on the same page about the interference issue. The Authority told him to go and prove who he was.

Curtis Axel v Big E Langston (Intercontinental Championship)

Axel seemed to have cashed in his rematch clause at the first attempt after his loss to Langston less than a week ago, but Langston was no pushover as the bigger man came out fighting and used his weight to his advantage.

Big E’s power was the deciding difference and he managed to retain after hitting Axel with The Big Ending.

Winner: Big E Langston

After the match Renee interviewed Big E in the ring and he reiterated how proud he was to be a champion.

BACKSTAGE: AJ Lee was talking about all the names she has been called, and told all the other divas not to feel inferior to her before they all verbally attacked her.

The Total Divas v AJ Lee, Tamina, Summer, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Rosa Mendez and Kaitlyn (Elimination match)

Alicia and Naomi started the match up, with Naomi hitting a top rope standing moonsault for the quick pin over Alicia.

Rosa Mendez was next in and managed another quick win over Cameron, before Nikki Bella hit a DDT on Rosa to take the match to 6-5

Nikki and Summer then had a impromptu dance off with Nikki eliminating Summer after a kick to the face.

But Eva Marie and Naomi were tagged in and was quickly eliminated by Kaitlyn. Brie Bella was next in and got the pin on Kaitlyn after a missile drop kick.

Aksana was tagged in and after the distraction from AJ hit the spinebuster to eliminate Brie. Nikki then got revenge for her sister by eliminating Aksana.

Jojo was tagged in for her first ever piece of in ring action and was completely dominated by Tamina who then tagged in AJ who eliminated Jojo after a Samoan drop.

Natalya was in and put the sharpshooter on Tamina, leaving AJ as the sole survivor for her team, and Natalya then put AJ in the same submission hold for the win.

Winners: Natalya and Nikki Bella

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was talking to Charles Robinson about his match and told him to make sure he called the match right down the middle. And tried to hint that he wanted him to cheat but he told him “He would do what the authority says” before walking away.

Ryback came out and shouted at the Survivor Series kick off panel before saying he intimidates everyone and issued and open challenge which was accepted by Mark Henry.

A newly bald Henry made his WWE return and seemed to have been accepted as a face by the fans as he received a big pop.

Ryback v Mark Henry

A battle of the beasts of sorts got underway with Ryback gaining the upper hand over The World Strongest Man, and proving just how strong he is by hitting an easy suplex on the bigger man.

Ryback set up for his meat hook clothesline only for Mark Henry to hit a cross-body and The World Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

BACKSTAGE: John Cena was telling the doctor that he wanted to fight without his protective arm sleeve.

John Cena v Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship)

Cena took a lot of abuse in the opening stages of the match as the challenger hit him with a lot of his unique offense.

Del Rio made a beeline for Cena’s injured arm in an attempt to make the champ tap. Cena managed to gain some momentum but Del Rio took the fight to the outside and used the barricade to his advantage.

Cena tried to gain the upper hand after Del Rio slipped off the top rope but the challenger countered the five knuckle shuffle and hit a DDT for the two count.

John had another spate of offense and attempted the STF but Del Rio had it well scouted and countered.

Del Rio hit an enziguri from the top rope for another frustrating two count but the match seemed to be getting to the Mexican.

Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker but Cena countered into the STF but Del Rio found the ropes.

Cena countered the cross-arm breaker again with an excellent show of strength, followed but the AA for the win.

Winner and still Champion: John Cena

BACKSTAGE: Santino Marella and R-Truth were arguing over a game with the WWE Figures, until they were interrupted by Los Matadores and Fandango.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan v Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

The Best and The Beard faced off against The Wyatt’s as a way to gain revenge for the weeks of sneak attacks by the strange family.

The match was back and forth throughout with The Wyatts giving a good account for themselves against the two former champions.

CM Punk hit a tornado DDT to Rowan to swing the momentum back in his teams favour and tagged in Bryan to finish the job.

Harper was hit with all of Daniel Bryan’s offence but still Bryan could only keep the big man down for a two count.

Erick Rowan threw Punk out of the ring after he interfered to save the match up for his team, and the Wyatts took advantage as Bryan was left alone.

CM Punk did finally pick up the win when he managed to lift Luke Harper up for the GTS.

Winners: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

After the match Bray Wyatt looked like he was going to approach the ring but instead jut enticed Punk and Bryan then left.

Randy Orton v Big Show ( WWE Championship)

The Viper faced off against the world largest athlete in a match he didn’t believe he could win.

Orton didn’t have it all his own way in the match and did finally the the win off the distraction from Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon when he hit the big man with the RKO followed by his Punt kick

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, the Authority and John Cena came out to the arena as the show ended.