Football superfans are everywhere. In fact, because of the excitement, passion, and drama of the game, English Football has some of the most dedicated fans around. Of course, you may think that one fan is much like another. However, at closer inspection, you will see that some fans really go all out for their team. In fact, you can learn to distinguish such fans by reading the guide below. 

They have a season ticket 

Many fans waited with bated breath for the beginning of the football coverage on the TV. In fact, you will find people all over the world wearing their kit, showing their flags and getting humped up in homes and bars for upcoming matches. 

Superfans do things differently, though. In fact, just watching the game on TV isn’t enough for them. No matter how many fans gather together. What that means is that you can tell a football superfan is genuine because they will own one of the most essential things of all. A season ticket to their favourite club. 

Of course, they don’t just possess this ‘golden fleece’ of football fandom but use it whenever they get the chance. Sometimes travelling for hours by train, car and even coach to see their team work their magic on the pitch. An endeavor you can find out more about at blogs like the one at

In fact, a football superfan’s weekend and vacations from work are often taken up with following their team around the country and even the world. A sacrifice that a true fan is always more than happy to make.


They buy all the kit. 

Next, you can distinguish a regular fan form a superfan by the amount of kit and merch they have. In fact, you will often find that regular fans have football shirts, and perhaps even a hat and scarf in their team’s livery for when the weather gets cold.

However, the superfan is likely to have a little more than that. We’re talking travel mugs and rosettes here. Plus every kit that has ever come out including home and away, as well as winter jackets, and even the boots favoured by their team’s star player. 

Of course, investing in all this memorabilia and kit can be an expensive endeavour, but it is one that superfans are often compelled to do.


They have a flutter on their team.

Another distinguishing feature of many football superfans is that they often choose to have a ‘little flutter’ on their team. That is they bet on whether they will win, who will score, or how many goals will get in.

In fact, if they bet wisely, they can win a decent return on doing this. Something that a superfan is often in an excellent position to do because their love of the game make sure they know it inside and out.

Of course, placing a bet on a football match isn’t just limited to superfans. Although, if you don’t quite have as much working knowledge of the English football system, visiting sites like to read up is a smart bet. Then you will be in a much stronger position to accurately predict the likely come and some hopefully win yourself some cash too. 


Their conversation is dominated by football. 

You can also tell a football superfan because they have three main topics of conversation. The first is whether the person they are talking to saw the latest match or not? While the second is whether they have heard about any injuries or transfers?

Of course, if a superfan is stuck talking to someone with only a cursory knowledge of the game, they may resort to asking about which team they support. Although answers along the lines of not liking football at all will often be met with confused glances and an awkward silence.


They make it their mission to encourage a love of football in others. 

Lastly, you can work out whether you are talking to a real football superfan or not by the level of evangelism that they convey. In fact, those with a passion for the game will often take that love outside of the stadium and use it to encourage others to play football as well.

That is why you will often find superfans using their spare time to coach or referee local games, five aside teams, and even youth sides. A pastime you can find out more about from sites like This being an activity that perfectly harnesses their enthusiasm for the game, and their most favourite past time – football.


Superfans are not like regular fans. In fact, they go to every match, buy all the merch, and spend a great deal of time talking about their favourite team. They are also known to have a flutter on the game now and again. Even getting involved with encouraging a love for the sport in others too. In fact, it is perhaps this last fact that makes superfans so super!