What is life without competition? Whether we are competing ourselves or just cheering for our favorite sports clubs, being involved with any form of competition brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in all of us. Over the years, most major sports have developed at least one rivalry that transcends the sport itself. These games are more than sport – they are political, personal and a true battle in every sense. In the following paragraphs, we will look at some of the biggest rivalries in the world and what makes them so special.


The classic!


Perhaps the biggest rivalry in the entire world of sports is in Spain’s La Liga between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These two cities, separated by a mere 400 miles wage war a few times every season in a match that is simple known as “El Clásico”. The rivalry is fueled by dramatic political differences in these two regions of the country. It seems that year after year, residents Catalonia are linked to rumors of trying to separate from the country and form their own independent state. They even speak their own language in Barcelona, which only further fuels the fire. When these two powerhouse clubs play, they are representing more than just the colors on their jersey but the beliefs and values of their entire region. If you want to see a regular season match that can shut down an entire country for three hours – this is it.


Baseball’s big show


In American sports, it does not get much bigger than a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox series. These two have had plenty of bad blood between them for 100 some years now and always seem to provide a good series, regardless of how poorly one of the teams may be performing on the year. How did this rivalry ever get so huge? It really started when the Red Sox made the blunder of a mistake by trading the Great Bambino (Babe Ruth) to the Yankees who would only became arguably the most legendary baseball star of all time. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Red Sox went almost 90 years after the trade without winning a championship while they watched the Yanks pile up trophy after trophy. The rivalry is not just between these two teams, but between the cities and carries over into events far beyond the baseball stadium.


What is football’s biggest stage?


The NFL is full of recognizable divisional rivalries, but is there one particular game that garners the attention like a Barcelona-Madrid encounter does in Spain? In today’s NFL, the biggest football matchups are between players, rather than teams. The Colts-Patriots had a long lived epic rivalry during Peyton Manning’s tenure in Indy, however now that he is calling signals in Denver, it might be safe to say that the most important game of the year will be when he visits Tom Brady in New England late this November. Is this a good or bad thing for the NFL when a team sport becomes so centered on just one or two players? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The best of the NBA

A list of great rivalries is never complete without mentioning the clashes between the NBA’s Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. There have been so many memorable moments between these two squads that one could probably devote an entire article just to their history. These two cities don’t really have a reason to hate each other, except maybe for the fact that they have met a whopping twelve times in the NBA finals. Back in the days of Bird and Magic, these games were at their best with two of the greats going head to head. Late in the 2000s the rivalry was renewed as Kobe Bryant led the Lakers against Boston’s Big 3 a pair of times

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