The participation of Football has always been huge worldwide, by rich and poor alike. Some of the elite footballers in the world came from the poorest of backgrounds; Luis Suarez being one of these. Recently at the Brazil world cup, we saw how football participation in aspiring stars is still rife in the cities favelas.
Whether you join the billions of people worldwide who watch on television or you are the more active type who play the sport at a competitive level, there’s no denying that the opportunity for brands to capitalise on football for their campaigns is crucial.
Pepsi Max have released a campaign gate-crashing a local Spanish street football match in Barcelona. No celebrity’s appearances this time by the likes of Messi, just ordinary people on the street having a kick around. They transformed their local football pitch into a fully interactive arena with the likes of drones, advanced projection technology and the use of 30,000 programmable LED lights to create the ultimate in-play football experience.
Set in a dilapidated ‘concrete jungle’ it consisted of interactive moving goalposts, large projected score boards and drones for referees. Their message; Live for now!

You can find out more information on twitter by using the hashtag #LiveForNow or watch the players’ reactions below as their Friday night five-a-side match is elevated to unimaginable heights.

This post has been sponsored by Pepsi Max, but concerns our own opinion here at Sportshaze.