For one night only Raw Country came to us live from Nashville with The Authority’s return kicking off the show.

Triple H and Stephanie addressed the crowd, telling them it’s good to be back. They went on to say how vital they are to the show and that “Without true authority then chaos rules.” and their disappointment at the way last week’s Raw turned out.

They were then interrupted by “The face of the WWE” who stormed down to the ring and confronted the Mcmahon’s about what happened to him last week at the hands of The Big Show.

Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero then slowly wandered out and Maddox blamed Vickie for what happened on Raw last week. Before Stephanie hilariously announced that as punishment Vickie would go one on one with the Divas Champion AJ Lee and Brad would face WWE Champion Randy Orton in a no-dq match. Brad tried to run but the “new director of operations” Kane came out to stop him.

Randy Orton v Brad Maddox (No-DQ)

Brad was in no hurry to climb into the ring with the Champion, and when he did get in the ring, Randy ran towards him and he ran back out, only for the fight end up outside the ring, Maddox hit him with a microphone and the steel post before hitting a DDT for a two count.

He gave Randy Orton way to much time to recover because The Viper was straight up and threw the Raw General Manager to the outside where he threw him over the announce table, into the steel steps and then hit his patented DDT off the barricade.

Orton wasn’t finished there either as he threw Maddox back into the ring and began to beat him with the microphone he beat him with. The match was then stopped because Maddox was deemed unable to continue.

Winner: Randy Orton

BACKSTAGE: Brad Maddox was shown being stretchered past a scared Vickie Guerrero.

Big E Langston v Curtis Axel (Intercontinental Championship)

This match should have taken place back at Hell in a Cell but Axel’s injury prevented it, so Big E finally has his rematch six days shy of Survivor Series.

Big E tried to use his strength as an advantage in the opening stages of the match and it seemed Axel had no answer to his offence, but the champion finally found an opening by hanging Big E up on the ropes.

The bigger man had the best of the momentum hitting a belly to belly suplex before going for the Big Ending but Axel countered and tried for the neck breaker but Big E hit the Big Ending, to become the new Intercontinental Champion!

New Champion: Big E Langston

After the match Big E celebrated his victory with the fans.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton and The Shield were talking about who has each others back, and decided that they have each others.

Divas musical chairs was prepared when Raw returned from commercial, with every diva except AJ and Tamina taking part.

Natalya was the first out, followed by Alicia Fox, but the divas couldn’t keep to the rules and a brawl ensued before The Total Divas stood tall.

Ryback v The Big Show

With less than a week to go until his WWE Championship match, The Big Show faced off against former Paul Heyman guy Ryback in what was deemed a battle of the beasts.

Big Show started with the upper hand slapping the chest of Ryback with his huge hands, but The Human Wrecking ball managed to pick Big Show up for the Shell Shock but The Giant kicked out and hit the knockout punch for the win.

Winner: The Big Show

After the match Randy Orton tried to ambush his Survivor Series opponent but Big Show hit him with a spear.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was again being iced by the medic. Shouting about The Shield before he lost his temper and threw ice at the medic.

The Real Americans v Kofi Kingston and The Miz

The Miz and Cesaro started the match up with The Miz gaining the upper hand for his team. Jack Swagger tagged in and took it to The “awesome one” before Cesaro blind tagged himself back in.

Miz finally tagged in Kofi and he cleaned house with his unique offence. But Swagger caught him in mid air and hit the slam for a near fall.

Kofi tried to tag in The Miz but he moved out of the way and Swagger locked in the Patriot Lock for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

BACKSTAGE: Vickie Guerrero faked a faint so that she wouldn’t have to face the Divas Champion, and was then stretchered out to the ring.

Vickie Guerrero v AJ Lee

These two have a rivalry that stems all the way back to AJ’s reign as Raw General Manager. Vickie got in the ring and then fainted before asking for some water.

The match then began with Vickie running out of the ring and straight into Tamina where she fainted again! Before heading up the ramp, but AJ caught her and took her back to the ring, before locking in The Black Widow.

Winner: AJ Lee

After the match Vickie fainted again at ringside.

A 7 on 7 traditional survivor series match was announced, which will involve every WWE diva.

BACKSTAGE: Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow were told by COO Triple H that they were going to be involved in a Broadway Brawl live in Raw Country.

Dolph Ziggler v Damien Sandow (Broadway Brawl)

Sandow began the match up which involved a lot of musical instruments in the ring, by throwing Ziggler to the outside, but The Show-off recovered and delivered a clothesline over the steel steps.

Zigger hit a drop kick that knocked Sandow out of the ring, but The Intellectual one managed to mount his own offence to stay in the match.

Dolph then put Damien into a drum and hit him over the head with a guitar for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton was asking Triple H where he was when Big Show attacked him, before asking if he has their confidence as the face of WWE. Stephanie told him that they need to think about it.

John Cena was out sporting a sling on his injured elbow, but he was in the ring to discuss whether or hot he was medically cleared to compete at Survivor Series.

He told the WWE universe that they forced him to come back as soon as he did because he loves being in front of them, but he could have come back from injury to soon.

He then said how a World Champion should be and that in six days Alberto Del Rio doesn’t know who he is stepping in the ring with because Survivor Series is in Cena’s home town of Boston.

Del Rio interrupted and gave some sarcastic comments about Cena being a super hero and that he is so good he almost made him cry, before approaching the ring and telling The Champ to hold the title up with his injured arm.

He then told John a real champion takes advantage of every situation, before both men locked up and Cena went for the AA but Del Rio used the ropes to help him escape.

3MB (The Rhinestone Cowboys) v R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods was tagged in early and was an unknown wrestler for a lot of the fans because the crowd was completely silent.

3MB kept tagging in and out in order to maintain the pressure on Woods but he got the tag on Truth and he hit a unique DDT to Drew Macintyre before making the tag back to Woods who hit the Honour Roll and Best in the woods for the win.

Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie and Triple H had decided that they have confidence in him as the WWE Champion which means that at Survivor Series, The Shield are not allowed to help. If Randy Orton beats The Big Show alone then he will show everyone he deserves to be “Face of the WWE”

Florida Georgia Line were out to perform the official soundtrack to Raw Country “Right Here”


Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Uso’s and The Rhodes v The Shield and The Wyatt Family

Ahead of Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Uso’s and a mystery partner v The Shield and The Real Americans and Daniel Bryan and CM Punk v The Wyatts at Survivor Series WWE made a massive 12 man tag match.

Jimmy Uso and Dean Ambrose started the match up, with Ambrose taking the momentum and then tagging in Roman Reigns.

Things began to break down between The Shield and The Wyatts when Seth Rollins and Luke Harper had a confrontation but when Raw returned from commercial the teams were back in each others corner.

Seth Rollins seemed to take the most of the beating for his team but Luke Harper tagged himself in and got a disaster kick for his trouble. Daniel Bryan was then in all hell broke loose as the heels attempted to run interference.

Bray Wyatt was tagged in and he got the upper hand over the former WWE champion, Bryan tried to tag out but the Heels ran across the ring and knocked the other team off the apron to leave Bryan alone.

Raw again returned from commercial and CM Punk was tagged in, and hit a double neck breaker on Ambrose and Rollins.

Punk went for the GTS on Ambrose but Wyatt ran interference. The remaining 10 opponents took each other to the out side and left Ambrose and Punk in the ring, Ambrose hit his finisher only for Goldust to interfere to halt the pin, Reigns hit a spear to Goldust, Cody Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on Roman, Seth Rollins hit the turnbuckle power bomb on Rhodes only for Punk and Bryan to hit him with a double team and throw him out of the ring.

Ambrose and Punk were the legal two men and Ambrose slid back in the ring to be hit with the GTS for the three count.

Winners: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Uso’s and The Rhodes

Everyone attacked after the match and Rey Mysterio came out to help. Leaving the feeling that Mysterio is the mystery partner at Survivor Series.

What a ending to the final Raw before Survivor Series! A title changed hands and many others may change hands in six nights. Who will be standing tall?