According to Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, his club’s strong showing in the early months of 2015 has him rethinking his team’s summer transfer plans. More specifically, the Arsenal have won 17 of their last 21 matches, including several small winning streaks.

When asked about his team’s recent play, Wenger told a reporter that his team is “not in need of absolute change.” Wenger continued: “Some players . . . have made big improvements in the second part of the season.” The Arsenal’s general manager then said: “We have a strong squad. We have a big squad now.”

Wenger’s recent stance on transfers diverges quite heavily from his opinion on transfers heading into the season. As all football fans will recall, Wenger told news outlets in January that “massive changes” for his team’s roster were ahead.

Critics of the Arsenal’s roster believe that the club’s goalkeepers should be improved. Wenger has shown faith in his keepers, though, even saying to the press that, “I believe in the goalkeepers.” Wenger also argues that David Ospina is one of the best keepers in the Premier League.


FIFA Places a Transfer Ban on Atletico and Real Madrid

Spanish news outlets recently released a story that claims that FIFA will be placing a transfer ban on both Real Madrid and Atletico in the coming months. This ban on transfers would be similar to the restrictions FIFA placed on Barcelona.

This report says that FIFA asked for information on more than 50 players in Real Madrid’s farm system. Real Madrid released a statement last week denying any sort of wrongdoing. Similarly, Atletico team officials claim that they are completely unaware of a potential FIFA transfer ban.

Juan Jose Anault, a public relations representative with Atletico, says that his team has not received any sort of ban-related notification from FIFA. Anault also says that his team has always cooperated with FIFA in the past, and will do so now should they face restrictions.

FIFA’s issue with Atletico and Real Madrid is that the clubs did properly sign under-18 Spanish players. LA Liga faced a transfer ban recently for similar infractions. Barcelona is also currently serving a 14 month ban for improperly signing young football players.

Juan Jose Anault claims that his team followed all of the right steps when signing the players from the Spanish 18-U league.


Bayern Munich Joins the Fray for Gareth Bale

Recent news reports indicate Bayern Munich is the latest club to court Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale. Bale, a native of Wales, is already Manchester United’s primary summer transfer target. Bale’s eventual destination also has an obvious effect on World Cup odds and the football world cup.

Bayern likes Bale because he is great on the field, but also because his likeness and jersey number will boost revenue for the club, too.

In other player transfer news, Chelsea is looking to sign Paul Pogba. Doing so will cost the club upwards of £158 million.

Another popular transfer player for the summer of 2015 is Edinson Cavani, from Uruguay. United, Liverpool, and Arsenal are currently competing for Cavani’s services. All three clubs are hoping that adding Cavani will bolster their title hopes. Although Cavani will likely represent Uruguay at the World Cup in Russia, it is possible that his transfer could alter World Cup odds and the football World Cup.