Mixed Martial Arts has not been around for a very long time, yet somehow it has taken the world by storm and become a growing trend around the world.  MMA fighters are known as some of the most well-conditioned and skilled athletes in sport, as training does not come easy and takes a lot of dedication and commitment. There is no doubt that MMA just keeps rising with popularity and success, but the real question is how did it become so popular and why?  Mixed Martial Arts has been named “the world’s fastest-growing sport ever” and we’ve narrowed it down to a few points what may be the real reason why MMA is where it’s at today.
This fighting sport is not just for guys but it’s hugely popular in women too. I’m sure you have heard the name Rowdy Ronda Rousey pop up somewhere before. She has been in the Mixed Martial Arts media, news and public eye as one of the greatest and most dominant female athletes in the world. With 12 wins, Rousey undeniably put Women’s MMA on the map and proved that woman can compete well in this sport just as much as males can. Being strong, inspiring, beautiful and totally bad ass like Rousey has definitely drawn in a lot of attention, and women are now getting more and more recognition in this sport.

The Whole Package
The blend of fighting styles that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, using a variety of other martial arts combined together makes it an interesting sport to watch. This versatile, full contact combat sport became a huge hit attracting new fans everyday as it’s the definition of what a well rounded fighter should be. The whole package of styles incorporates Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, wrestling, tae kwon do, Muay thai, Vale tudo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Gyms, fitness centers and social networking sites like Martial Tribes are offering more MMA classes now that they’ve notice the sports rising potential.

Ultimate Fighting Champion
Today, the UFC is the premier organization of Mixed Martial Arts. They launched in 1993 and became the largest and fastest growing organizers of mixed martial arts to date, with more than 40 fights every year hosting most of the top ranked fighters in the world. The UFC broadcasts in more than 149 countries in 28 different languages yearly.

Optimal Fitness
To do well in MMA your fitness levels need to be at the most optimal. MMA fighters train 6 days a week 4 times a day on a strict diet and they are some of the most superior, well rounded, Olympic- caliber athletes to this day.  Practicing all the techniques in this sport will increase flexibility, stamina and transform your body.  Fitness may be one of the main reasons why MMA is so popular because you get to enjoy your workout, learn valuable skills and look amazing in no time.

Respectfully violent
Even though MMA can be seen as a violent sport it teaches discipline, respect and trust for your opponent. Learning to defend yourself is a huge advantage for anyone and the more you progress as a fighter, the more confidence you gain. It has been proven that training in all types of martial arts can lower stress levels, and reduce tension resulting a better attitude. The discipline you develop through MMA can be applied to your everyday actions, and the confidence built can follow through at work or in your relationships.