Randy Orton

Raw live from Oklahoma kicked off with “The best in the world” heading to the ring in a tracksuit to speak out about what happened last week with The Shield.

He said he had been thinking all week about why The Shield attacked him and he had finally worked out why, and it was because he criticised Triple H last week on Raw and then later on he is attacked by the hounds of justice. He hoped it was a coincidence because he didn’t want to get involved with anything to do with the authority, and “Surely Triple H isn’t that dense to kick a living hornets’ nest, is he?”

He then went on to call Triple H’s followers a bunch of offensive names which brought out Stephanie McMahon, who told everyone that her family are advocates of free speech, before patronising CM Punk and telling him that they have grown up and he hasn’t.

She then told Punk if he has any other problems he should talk to the director of operations, Kane. He told him a bunch of stuff about the research he had done and that the issue was now resolved, Punk then asked “Exactly when did you become the big red ass kisser?” Before challenging him to a match. Kane looked to be heading to the ring but Stephanie stopped him and out came The Shield.

Stephanie stopped them before they got to the ring and Kane announced a 3 on 1 match at Hell in a cell Cm Punk v The Shield.

Raw returned with Damien Sandow in the ring and Big E Langston on commentary. Cole told everyone that this was a number one contenders’ match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Dolph Ziggler v Damien Sandow

The third match in recent weeks between the two, and seemingly the “decider” after Dolph won the Broadway Brawl two weeks ago and Sandow won last weeks’ Hardcore match.

Sandow took the offence to Ziggler immediately and the former world champion had no answer to his attacks. But a missed moon-sault gave Ziggler the opening he needed, only for Sandow to knock Ziggler off the top rope and hit “You’re Welcome” for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Raw returned from commercial with the Divas in the match as they prepared for a 6-diva-tag-match.

AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka and Summer Rae v The Bella Twins and Natalya

A match made up of the ending from last week’s 7 on 7 elimination match, and Tamina and Nikki started things out with Nikki showing ring improvement against the bigger Tamina Snuka.

Brie then came in and so did Summer, showing off some new moves before getting the two count over Brie. AJ was skipping around the ring the whole time.

Natalya was tagged in and Summer tagged in AJ who went for the black widow, but as Natalya tried to go for the sharpshooter Tamina made the save but the Bella’s knocked Tamina out and Natalya got the quick roll up win over the Divas Champion.

Winners: The Bella Twins and Natalya

Raw returned with “Bad news Barrett” who insulted the crowd for some sort of reaction.

BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton welcomed Brad Maddox back but asked him to do him a favour and tell the authority that he is the most recognised name in WWE and that he is bigger than WWE itself.

Daniel Bryan v Eric Rowan

Bryan was sporting a new shirt and was looking for retribution after he was seemingly kidnapped by The Wyatt’s last week.

Rowan had the height and weight advantage in the match and he used that to get the better of Bryan whilst Luke Harper watched from ring side. Bryan did have quickness on his side and used it to bring the big man down to size. Bryan did get the win and exited the ring before Bray came up on the screen and told the Wyatt’s to stand down.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match Bray continued to mock Bryan from the screen saying “his dirty little feet are soiling their red carpet” and told him that “They can’t love you like I can.”

BACKSTAGE: Kane was with Daniel Bryan and he congratulated him on his victory, before telling him he will also be in a handicap match at TLC against all three of The Wyatts.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods v Tons of Funk

After Brodus hinted at a heel turn last week, he faced off against the guy he was apparently mad at for dancing with the Funkadactyls.

Xavier Woods only appeared on the scene a few weeks ago and managed to hold his own in the ring against the bigger man before he tagged in R-Truth who took it to Tensai.

Brodus Clay went for the splash but Xavier woods moved and rolled the big man up for the win.

Winners: R-Truth and Xavier Woods

After the match Brodus and Tensai had a stare down.

Sin Cara v Alberto Del Rio

Sin Cara finally returned after months out through injury to face the former World Champion Del Rio. Sin Cara used his impressive offense to maintain the upper hand on his fellow countryman and managed to get the win after Del Rio missed the kick from the top rope and Cara hit a rolling senton.

Winner: Sin Cara

BACKSTAGE: John Cena was talking to Renee Young, who told her how important it was for him to win the unified title at TLC.

BACKSTAGE: The Shield mocked CM Punk ahead of their match at TLC.

The Shield v Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Three on three match that was inevitably going to be interrupted, Dean Ambrose started things off against the Big Show, with Show hitting a slap to Ambrose’s chest that looked exceptionally painful.

Seth was next to feel the wrath of The Big Show who slammed him to the mat, before he tagged in Roman, but Big Show managed to take him down as well and slapping his chest like he did Ambrose.

Goldust went for the moon-sault on Seth, Dean tried to help but instead Goldust turned it into a super-plex but Seth rolled out of the way and got the roll up win over Goldust.

Winners: The Shield

BACKSTAGE: CM Punk was with Renee Young, and Punk said he was very happy that he was in a handicap match against The Shield, before wiping off the sarcasm and telling Renee he knew he was going down but the question is, how many of the Shield is he taking with him?

Kofi Kingston and The Miz v Ryback and Curtis Axel

It seemed Kofi and The Miz had put their issues to one side after they shook hands backstage and took on the team of the two former Heyman men.

Ryback seemed to take the upper hand for his team, using his power to his advantage but could only get a two count on The Miz.

Kofi came in and quickened the pace but Ryback speared him into the corner, Kofi hit a cross body for a two count but the big man fought back and hit shellshock for the win.

Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback

After the match The Miz picked Kofi up and then slapped him, before running out of the ring.

Raw returned with Summer and Fandango dancing in the ring before they were interrupted by Mark Henry’s music.

Mark Henry v Fandango

A very quick match, but Fandango did try to get in some offense against The Worlds Strongest Man but was hit with The World’s Strongest’s slam.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match Mark Henry tried to dance with Summer but she didn’t want to be any part of it.

Prime time players v The Real Americans

After Darren interrupted Titus v Antonio on Friday night, mostly because Titus was going to be sick, this match was made.

Real Americans did a good job of isolating Titus from Darren all the way through before Cesaro go the spin and Titus looked like he was going to be sick but got the tag to Darren.

But Cesaro hit an impressive uppercut on Darren Young for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

Jerry Lawler announced that the champion after TLC will be called The Unified Champion.

Triple H and Stephanie came out and introduced Randy Orton and John Cena ahead of their contract signing.

Triple H discussed the history of both titles and said that both Cena and Orton had earned their place in history and now they had to cement their legacy forever.

Both men signed the contract and made the match official before both were given a chance to speak, Orton said how much better he is than all the former champions even Triple H but that’s why he chose him to be the face of the WWE and everyone knows he is the only one who can beat John Cena, and reminded him that he kicked his dad in the head a few years ago.

Cena told him to shut up and told him that he had turned Triple H’s dream into a nightmare because he never lived up to his potential. He told him he is the most gifted WWE Superstar ever but then he got cocky and lazy.

He told Orton he was given his title and he earned his, and if he gets anything out of TLC he will earn it. Before telling him to either leave or make a move.

Cena and Orton attacked each other and Cena hit Orton with a ladder, before Orton threw Cena into the ring post. But Cena hit Orton with a chair, it was back and forth between both men until Cena AA’d Randy Orton through a table and then lifted both the titles.

So, the match is now a unification match, the winner will be the undisputed face of WWE, Damien Sandow has received a push up to a title match, and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are expected to defy the odds once again as they both go into TLC handicap matches. It’s just two weeks to TLC and already it’s shaping up to be the best Pay Per View of the year!