After years of dodgy decisions and fans clamouring for the introduction of technology into English football, the start of the 2013/2014 Premier League season saw the long-awaited arrival of Hawkeye’s goal line technology.

According to the Premier League’s Chief Executive Richard Scudamore, there were 31 contentious goal-line decisions in the English top flight last season, three of which were made incorrectly. The £3m Hawkeye technology was introduced to help referees make the right decision, every time. Not to mention keeping consistancy within the betting industry. Au free bets offer a variety of money back offers should your selections not come in, but many punters find the wrong decision could cost them hundreds of pounds.

So has it worked? Have there been any discrepancies with this new innovation yet? When has Hawkeye featured in the Premier League so far?

Arsenal Vs. Aston Villa

And yet when Hawkeye made its debut in the Charity Shield, no-one noticed because it wasn’t needed. It didn’t take long for it to make its presence known however, as it was used in Arsenal’s match against Aston Villa a week later on the Premier League’s opening weekend.

After a quick counter attack, Villa’s Fabian Delph  beat Wojciech Szczesny but not the post and the ball ran directly across the Pole’s goal line.

Did Hawkeye get it right? YES.

Chelsea Vs. Sunderland

Frank Lampard is one of the players most commonly associated with the need for goal-line technology in football. After all, it was his strike for England in the World Cup Last 16 against Germany that had clearly crossed the line but not been given.

Yet in Chelsea’s Capital One Cup match against Sunderland in December, he finally had technology to fight his corner. The midfielder bundled the ball towards goal after a Cesar Azpilicueta cross and Hawkeye deemed that it had crossed the line – the first time that Hawkeye was used in English football to award a goal.

Did Hawkeye get it right? YES.

Manchester City Vs. Cardiff

When free-scoring Manchester City scored the first goal in their home match against Cardiff, it was a relatively unremarkable occurrence. After all, this was the hundredth goal that City had scored this season and they had already eviscerated better sides than Cardiff at home.

However, Edin Dzeko’s goal to make it 1-0 on the way to a comfortable 4-2 win was remarkable. Yes, it was the first ever goal decided in the Premier League by goal-line technology. The scuffed shot from City’s Bosnian was hoofed clear but referee Neil Swarbrick received notice from his wristwatch that according to the technology the ball hand, in fact, crossed the line and he awarded the goal.

Did Hawkeye get it right? YES.

Hull Vs. Southampton

During last week’s match between Southampton and Hull at the KC Stadium, the Saints were making hard work of beating their Humberside adversaries. And like London buses, when the breakthrough finally came, it came twice. After an immense goal-line scramble, involving many players Ricky Lambert made no mistake, slamming the ball home.

However, Hawkeye technology then deemed that the ball had already crossed the goal line markings a few seconds previously, awarding the goal to Jose Fonte instead, who presumably enjoyed the extra goal bonus.

Did Hawkeye get it right? YES.

Hawkeye has been introduced by the English authorities to help its referees make the right decision and so far, although there have been no really hard decisions that its helped with, it’s done its job with aplomb. And you never know, there may be some huge moments – and maybe at this summer’s World Cup.

Football purists, however, will hope that the success of Hawkeye’s goal-line technology so far won’t encourage a slide into using technology in many other aspects of the beautiful game.

AuthorBowcom is one of British football’s most trusted line marking experts and paints touchlines in some of the UK’s most legendary venues, from Old Trafford and Goodison Park to Hampden Park and the Emirates Stadium.