Is there such a thing as empty stadium porn? There has to be because people cannot seem to get enough of pictures of empty football stadiums on twitter, especially when it comes to the LA teams.


The phenomenon is perplexing even though it doesn’t technically have an impact on anything or anyone of note. After all, the sportsbook lines for NFL’s LA teams are unlikely to alter just because so many stadiums are going empty during games.


Maybe it is a problem of the writers themselves. After all, many a sports article these days feels the need to throw pictures of empty stadium seats at readers. And the observations made about these pictures are rarely insightful, instead working to insult one or both teams involved in the game in question.


Of course, it would be foolish to suggest that this obsession over attendance is a recent occurrence.


The Rams played a game against the Indianapolis Colts at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The Rams won the game 46-9.


However, some curiosity was raised over the fact that the Rams had 30,000 fans in attendance that Sunday afternoon. 30,000 was a surprising number. The NFL is a competitive league. And every team in the NFL is generally expected to sell out their home games. That is the only way to stay relevant, at least in the local TV markets.


Now, the fact that the Rams only won four games last season explains why they weren’t the biggest draw amongst football fans. But one would have thought that the Rams’ return to LA would be a far bigger story that their performance in the NFL.


The team has been away for roughly two decades. There should have been some hype surrounding their return. But the somewhat lackluster crowds at the Rams’ home game against the Colts suggests that, with the San Diego Chargers currently inhabiting a temporary soccer stadium a couple of miles away, LA is stuck with two football teams that do not really excite them.


Maybe the Rams waited too long to come back. Clearly, anyone that’s a football fan already found their team of choice. No one seems to care about the Rams in LA. It’s worth noting that the Rams and the Chargers lose nothing when they play in front of empty stadiums.


In fact, the Rams could soon see their brand expand beyond the NFL very soon. The Rams’ owner hasn’t been shy about his ambitions of making his side the NFL team of the world. He wants to use the Rams’ banner to attract new fans from Asia and Europe.


The fact that the Rams are in LA matters; LA is a hub of sorts, in some cases on par with the likes of London. The Rams have the potential to become a sort of connecting point between the NFL and the rest of the world.


It’s unfortunate for them that Los Angeles doesn’t like them. It’s only been a season and it doesn’t look like that disappointment and dissatisfaction is going to disappear anytime soon.


But all is not lost. The Rams have started getting good. They were decent against the Colts and if they embark on a winning streak, it won’t be long before the team draws LA fans back into their stadium.