NFL has seen some great players over the years, players who have given the game their life and their maximum effort. These players have left their mark on NFL, either in our hearts and minds or as experiences and games that up-and-coming players can implement as role models as they build their own careers.

Have a look at five great NFL players of all time who have contributed their everything to the game of American football:

Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas goes back as far as the 1950s, but when a player is a five-time All-pro and a ten-time Pro Bowler, that is not a record which will ever be forgotten. Moreover, he was the factor that made the Colts achieve a victory over the Giants in 1958 in the NFL Championship, this game came to be known as the first game in history with overtime. Johnny is a Pro Football Hall of Fame member, and a 3-time MVP for the NFL.

Mel Blount

When you have a rule that the NFL named after you, ‘The Mel Blount Rule’, that means you left your mark. The rule prohibits a defensive’s back to make contact with a receiver. As a pro bowler for five times, All-pro two times with a record as best 11 inceptions during 14 games, and he was the 1975 defensive player of the year. Mel Blount retired with 57 season inceptions over the course of his career. Not only that, but he has four super bowl rings, and is also a member of Pro Football Hall of Fame, among his many other accomplishments.

Tom Brady

Having led his team to appear in 8 super bowls, of which they achieved five victories, quarterback Tom Brady is also an MVP for the Super Bowl for four times. That is not all, he was named MVP three times and a Pro Bowler three times. He has a formidable record, to say the least, especially with 27 postseason victories. You can go here to buy cheap NFL tickets without service fees to enjoy the live actions of a present-day NFL legend when he lines up for the New England Patriots.

Dick Butkus

Known as the most daunting linebacker, Dick Butkus had the ability to consecutively earn eight Pro Bowl selections, adding to that is the fact that he got included in five All-Pros. Dick retired with 22 Interceptions, as well as 27 Fumble Recoveries. He remains a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well.

Jerry Rice

It is hard to believe but Jerry Rice is not only considered as the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL, but he has won every receiving record that was available. Jerry Rice is the MVP of the Super Bowl 23, and he retired with three Super Bowl Rings to his name. But that is not all, he was recorded as having caught 1549 passes during 22,985 yards of running. With a 20-year career and yet another record of 197 touchdowns, he was a symbol of excellence. Noticeably, he improved with age for he had more receiving yards recorded during his 30s than he had during his 20s. And, when he was 40 years of age, he achieved a record of 1,211 receiving yards while at the same time led the Raiders to a victory – the Super Bowl 37. If that does not make him the topmost player, then there is nothing to be said.