We live in an age when everything is changing – the climate, politics, the balance of power, even money. Perhaps the most spectacular change we see today is in the realm of money, as cryptocurrencies, used in the past for shady deep web transactions and Bitcoin online casino outlets alone has become the most traded and watched resource. And sports are changing, too – new forms of competitive activities arise and obtain a “sports” status even as we speak. And some of them have gone as far as to have a chance to become Olympic sports – and some of them will likely leave you with your jaw dropped.


Traditional poker is a bit too centered on the chance for the Olympic Committee even to consider it a mind sport. Thus, the International Federation of Poker has devices a brand new, team-based form of the game that circumvents chance almost entirely, focusing on the skill of players in the process. It’s called “Match Poker”, and it is played pretty much like classic Texas Hold’em with a few important differences. And this seems to be enough for the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) that has announced on October 2 last year that it has officially been recognized as a sport and it stands a chance to become an official Olympic sport, too.

Pole dancing

You have probably admired pole dancers in the past for their incredible physical performance and their artistic moves. Although it started out as a form of entertainment, pole dancing has pretty much everything it needs to become a bona fide sport. And it has – in the 1990s and 2000s, it has become a form of fitness preferred by many, leading to the formation of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) in 2009. Official pole dancing world championships have been held since 2012, and today, pole dancing is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport, after the GAISF granted it an official “observer” status last year.


Playing video games can in no way be considered a sport – or can it? eSports, the competitive form of video games, does have everything sports need – reliance on skill and training to win – so it is being regarded as a true sport by an increasing number of authorities. So much so that it will be present as an exhibition event at the 2018 Asian Games, the top level multi-sports competition in Asia, and might even make it to the 2024 Summer Olympics hosted by Paris. The International Olympics Committee is interested in this because, as they put it, eSports could make the Olympics more “relevant to younger generations”.