The Coronavirus pandemic has been made worse by the fact there is no sport to get us through these dark days. So, as well as missing family and friends, and the great outdoors, you’re also missing your weekly hit of adrenaline-fuelled athletes running around a pitch for 90 minutes.

COVID-19 sucks! Thankfully, the powers that be are making headway and bringing football back, albeit behind closed doors. Even though going to your team’s stadium isn’t an option, it does mean there are more ways to enjoy football.

Here are five ways to make it seem as if you’re in the terraces cheering on your favourite players.

Watch It Live On TV

Yes, the Bundesliga returns this week, and the English Premier League is set to kick off on June the 1st. Sure, the game isn’t the same when English football stadiums aren’t packed with men, women, and children screaming at the top of their lungs. Without an atmosphere, it’s hard to watch any sport, apart from Formula 1. Still, seeing whether Liverpool finally win the league after a long wait and which teams get relegated and promoted is better than nothing. If anything, it could be easier to learn about the game rather than being sucked in by the crowd.

Tune In For Replays

TV stations have no new material to show currently. As a result, some shows are rehashed to fill in the gaps. Mostly, you’ve got no interest in watching reruns of old, poorly-acted soaps, and you’re not the only one! But, there are a few diamonds in the rough. Terrestrial channels tend to show classic football matches from throughout the decades on Saturday, while paid channels run the most recent games. Tuning in for the replays, then, will either take you back to Mexico 86 and the famous Hand of God or Old Trafford under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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Wear A Football Shirt

Whether you wear a football shirt while you’re watching a game or don it for a spot of gardening, it will bring back memories. Shirts have evolved a lot since they first became popular in the 19th-century, which means you won’t be short of nostalgic moments. You can take it to another level by exercising in your favourite piece of kit and pretending to play at Wembley. Not only will it make the lack of football easier, but it might be the motivation you need to workout more!

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Have A Kick About

Parks are open, and people are allowed unlimited amounts of exercise, so kicking a ball around with your loved ones is back on the cards. You have to stick to social distancing measures, and you can’t play with anybody outside of your household, but you’re not after a competitive game. You merely want to feel the satisfying touch of leather as it smacks off your foot into the corner of the net. For Dads, this is the perfect way to make sure the kids are active and not bored.

Place A Bet 

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Are you missing the glorious game? How are you coping?