Even for those who have no interest in boxing, there are some bouts throughout the year which they’ll eagerly get involved with. Not only that but with it appealing to a wider audience than ever before, there’s more than one major fight every single year, so you’re able to pick and choose which fights you’re interested in. Boxing is a massive sport in the UK and the USA, so it’s no surprise to see so many fans of the sport making bets on it, as there’s loads of opportunities to bet and plenty of markets with almost every bookmaker.

As there are so many outcomes that you can bet on in the sport, every possible market must cover anything that could happen. This is seen by a lot of bookmakers and it’s likely to be seen with all of them eventually, especially as more people continue to be interested in betting on boxing. All boxing betting tips possess different odds depending on exactly what you’re getting behind, but you can make your own just as easily as you would for placing a bet on any other sport.

Boxing betting markets

You won’t find quite as many bookmaker markets for boxing as you will with something like football, but you’ll find most of the possibilities covered in what they offer. The main markets allow you to predict the winner of the fight, which is presented as an outright boxing winner market, as well as options to back either side to win by Knockout (KO), Technical Knockout (TKO) or Decision. This will enhance the odds on your boxing tip, but it will also make your bet less likely to land.

From all of the many betting markets, the winner of the fight is the most basic and the simplest to predict. After checking out the Match Winner option and any price boost that might be linked to it, you might be tempted to back one of the other options, which are distinctly more difficult but come with a far bigger bookie price. You’ll find all of these markets in Team FA’s boxing betting tips, where they look to give boxing predictions for big and small odds, relying heavily on what they expect will happen from the fight they’re covering.

Your own boxing betting tips

After picking out which boxer you think will win, you can move on to the more advanced boxing betting markets. This includes Round Betting markets, which play heavily in betting on the sport, where you’re able to identify when the fight will be won. Not only can you do this through selecting a big-odds selection between round 1 and 12 but also in the group betting market, where you can pick group rounds, selecting between 1 and 3, 4 and 6, 7 and 9, or 10 and 12.

A lot of the other boxing bets are made up of statistics around points and yes or no answers. This gives punters the chance to identify how each boxer could win the fight or assess whether or not the fight will go the distance. Compared to something like football, the markets for forming your own boxing betting tips are extremely slim, but they certainly cater to every possible outcome in the sport.