Written by Austin Bogert

Boxing promoters are calling Mayweather vs. Mcgregor a fight but public perception is that this is a circus. That’s appropriate since Barnum and Bailey shut down earlier this year in May. Promoters and the fighters are without a doubt the biggest winners in all of this. Vegas has the betting line from -2,250 vs +950 with Mayweather being a -550 favorite and Mcgregor a +375 underdog. Everyone involved is getting a massive payday. Mayweather is said to get at least one hundred million and possibly up to four times that. Mcgregor is said to be getting at least 75 million for the flight. That’s great for them, but what about people who will tune in to watch the fight. Why should they care?

If all goes to plan for Mayweather, this will be a milestone victory for him as his new record will be 50-0. He is coming out of retirement to fight connor this August and it’s his first fight since his unanimous decision victory retaing his WBA and WBC titles against Andre Berto on Sep. 12, 2015. Before that, he fought a very underwhelming victory in another overhyped fight against Manny on May 2nd, 2015. Floyd’s last KO came against victor Ortiz on Sep. 17, 2011. Floyd wouldn’t have come out of retirement if he didn’t have a good reason. 100 million is plenty enough but I don’t think it’s just about the money. 50 wins without a loss is something that Floyd wants and he sees Connor as an easy target to put that feather in his cap.

If there is anyone who should not be seen as an easy target and should never be underestimated, it is Connor Mcgregor. Many underestimated him when he was facing an undefeated Jose Aldo, and Connor knocked him out with one punch and ended the fight in 13 seconds into the first round. Connor Mcgregor is a fighter with a 21-3 MMA record. 18 of his wins have finished in a knockout, with one submission. and two decisions. Connor started boxing at the age of twelve under Phil Sutcliffe, a two-time Olypmian at Crumlin Boxing Club. Mcgregor has also trained with Jamie Kavanagh and Dean Byrne who trained under Freddie Roach who we all know trained Manny Pacuiao. It was Sutcliffe who planted the seeds for Connor’s excellent striking ability. Connor has a very strong boxing background but we’ve only seen it in MMA but the man knows how to box.

If there is one guy you could hope to knock out Floyd, it’s Connor. When you pay for a Connor fight, you are going to get your money’s worth because it does not go to a decision. Floyd is a very defensive(boring) striker and you want someone like Connor who is the opposite of that. He is known for his very fast and very precise, pin-point accuracy with his strikes. When he throws a punch, you can count on it hitting you every time. That’s what is needed to fight someone like Mayweather who sits back and counter punches. Floyd makes his opponent miss and then he makes them pay…on the judges scorecard. A scorecard is something Connor has only seen twice and it most likely won’t go to that.

Connor comes across as a madman but he is very intelligent. He knows exactly what he is doing and it is all very calculated. He plays mind games with his oppenents heading into a fight to get them out of their element. No one thinks he will win but he likes that. His advantages are that he has the reach advantage and he is 12 years younger than Floyd. Connor has been fighting consistently and this will be the first fight in 23 months for Floyd when it comes time to fight in August. The victory over Connor isn’t as simple as many claim it to be. Connor runs his mouth better than anyone, but the man backs it up every single time. His skills as a fighter speak louder than his words and that says a lot.

What you are getting is a clash of egos who both love money and they love to show it off. You are getting the chance to see Floyd go to a perfect 50-0 record and he will want to finish this fight against Connor. When Connor wants something, he goes out and he takes it. The man held two UFC titles consecutively.  The man wants this fight, and he gets what he wants. It seems like a circus, and that’s exactly what Connor orchestrated. This was all done by his design. If everything goes the way he wants, we will potentially get to see one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

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