The UEFA Champions League kicks off on 13th September, and the qualifying round only ends later this month on the 24th August. Since the qualifiers kicked off on 28th June, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about who is going to make it through, and the latest news is pretty shocking – Manchester United have not qualified to play.

For the second time in the last three seasons, Manchester United will not be playing alongside Arsenal, Leicester, Manchester City and other big rivals. This is particularly shocking news given that Manchester United have three times been the European champions.

Manchester United Officially Introduce Jose Mourinho as Their New Manager

Man United boss Jose Mourinho is naturally unhappy about how things have unfolded and has reportedly said that the Champions League will be ‘empty’ without his team. The Mirror recently reported that Mourinho intends to return Man United to its ‘natural habitat’. He also went on to say:

“Imagine the Champions League without Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona. There are a certain numbers of clubs that make it not a Champions League without these clubs. That’s Man United and their natural habitat”.

The problem is, the team simply doesn’t qualify for Europe’s premier club competition for 2016-2017.

The news means that those turning to Betway for one-way and BTTS betting on this year’s Champions League and Europa League will have some interesting decisions to make. bet on both teams to score or bet for your team, and Betway will offer great odds – but Manchester United’s uncertain fate this year means you might have to change the way you bet!

In Europa League news, a recent win by West Ham means they advance to the play-off round, along with Manchester City. The full draw was also announced on the 5th August, and released by UEFA, giving us an insight into the teams playing in the league and who we should be expecting to place our bets on.


The Europa League ties will be played on the 18th and 25th August, and all 22 winners will be included in the second draw which will take place on the 26th August in Monaco. 16 automatic entrants will also be included in the draw, along with ten teams that were defeated in the UEFA Champions League play-offs.

Group stage goes on between 15th September and the 8th December, with the knockout phase beginning on the 12th December and ending on the 24th May final. This gives us 10 more months to enjoy the games and both one-way and BTTS betting.