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Original Image: Mirror

Controversial media magnet Luis Suarez sparked speculation over his future at Anfield during the Confederations Cup with Uruguay. He stated that he would be “open to move to Real Madrid” after saying that he felt that the English media have treated him more harshly than other players and that they were forcing him out of the league. This angered many LFC fans with the manner he had gone around the whole situation showing a lack of respect for the club by flirting with the idea of a transfer move this summer.


Quite frankly Suarez should have kept his mouth shut! Raising speculation about his future with Liverpool whilst away on International duty has become an ever familiar thing to LFC fans, who is seen as some-what of a loose cannon in front of his home media.


Suarez since went on an extended summer holiday with his wife Sofia and daughter Delfina following the return from the Confederations Cup and joined up with the rest of his team in Melbourne to continue the rest of their Indonesian Tour.
After returning to pre-season training with the squad, Suarez since changed his story, stating he had a desire to ‘play at the top of his game,’ in other words he wanted a move to a club which had qualified for the Champions League (which is something Liverpool had failed to do, finishing the season in 7th in the 2012/2013 campaign) and with this in mind, a bid of £30 Million came in from Arsenal.


The interesting points to raise here are: for arguably one of the best strikers in the world, £30M is as Brendan Rogers has said “an insult to the player and to the club.” Liverpool value the striker at around £50-55 million. As you can expect this bid was turned down pretty sharpish, with Liverpool stating that Luis Suarez is simply NOT FOR SALE (and why would they sell their best asset?)


Rumours quickly escalated that Luis Suarez did in fact have a clause in his contact meaning that if a bid came in for the player at over £40 Million the club had to notify the player of the bid and that the player would be able to have talks with the club.
With this in mind, a second bid came in from Arsenal of £40 Million and £1 with the intent to activate the clause in Luis Suarez’s contract and therefore have a chance to agree personal terms with the player (which would ultimately force the player to hand in a transfer request at LFC). Again a few more points should be mentioned at this point: Arsenal have never paid anything near as much as this for one player (the most they have spent prior to this was £16m for Santi Cazorla last summer). This shows the determination that Arsene Wenger has to land Suarez this summer and how highly the rest of the premier league clubs rate this player.

The second point to raise; why would Liverpool sell their best player to a rival English club?  You can understand selling the player abroad to Real Madrid (to some extent) but to a club that is challenging for the same spot in the top 4 and who are direct competition makes no sense AT ALL! Furthermore although Arsenal have consistently made the champions league in recent years, they haven’t actually won a trophy since the 04/05 season (Liverpool have won two, with one of those being the Champions League).


Liverpool have rightfully had a word with Suarez following this and according to reports have refused the player the right to speak with the club. The clause in Suarez’s contract is somewhat of a grey area with different interpretations between LFC’s managing director Ian Ayre and Pere Guardiola (Suarez’ Agent).


It seems that Luis Suarez is not happy at Anfield (despite his daughter being named after the famous ground) but I like many others think Luis Suarez owes Liverpool fans another season to get them into the Champions League. After all, the club and fans have bent over backwards to defend him after all the controversies surrounding the racial abuse of Patrice Evra and the biting of Branislav Ivanovic and when everyone called for the deportation of Luis Suarez from the country, Liverpool fans were still singing his name around Anfield and his team-mates wearing t-shirts to show their support.


This lack of respect has alienated a lot of fans and although you can understand Luis’ want to play in the Champions League, he still has three years remaining on his contract.


It is clear that Luis Suarez is a talented player, but is his reputation worth the risk? If Arsenal are to land the Striker they are likely to have to beat the British record fee of £50 Million that Chelsea paid for Fernando Torres. A figure that goes against everything Arsene Wenger believes in.


For me it looks like Suarez will be staying at Liverpool unless an offer of £50M comes in from abroad. With it looking like Real Madrid are going to make a record breaking bid of £86M for Gareth Bale of Tottenham, it look unlikely that they will make a bid for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.


As the transfer saga continues, it seems that Suarez has come to terms with the prospect of another year at the club, he is trying hard in training and his mood is up-beat, the only question is…Does Luis Suarez’ baggage outweigh the talent the player can bring?


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