Lebron James

By Adrian Montenegro

In the season averaging 27.3 points on 62.5% shooting from the field and 51.7 from the triple

The player continues to fulfill its ambitious challenge is to achieve a 60 % in field goal.

There seems to be no impossible challenges for LeBron James. Last season already surprised everyone with his extraordinary 56.5 % in field goal, spectacular percentage for a star that makes a lot enough shots from the middle and long distance. Well, before you start the new course, LeBron put on a challenge of considerable magnitude: this season scoring at least 60 % of their shots.

Said and done. For now, the Miami Heat player is overcoming that challenge. In the 10 games he has played is averaging 27.3 points, 5.4 rebounds and 6.9 assists getting no less than 62.2% of their shots from the floor and 51.7 of his triples. And in only two of those 10 games he hasn’t exceeded 50 % in the shot and made so staying close.

Far from the stars who think only score at all costs, LeBron wants to be different. He strives for perfection.  Perfection aimed at the well of the team itself. Such thinking puts the Heat amongst the favorite gaming betting sites like Sportbettingdime.com

For now, he is overcoming his challenge, no words to describe their last 9 days of competition, which has played 4 games. Boston, Milwaukee, Dallas and Charlotte have been the contenders. It is true that there are top-level teams, but LeBron’s numbers are elevated: 31.8 points per game scoring 70% of his field goals!

In these meetings, James has put 49 of 70 in the game launch. Or what is the same, has scored 70% of their shots by 17.5 attempts per game. In 3 of these meetings exceeded 30 points in the last 2 got 39 and 30 pulling every day 18 times . This is effectiveness elevated to the highest degree.

From the triple has not fared worse:  5 of 8, 62.5 %. Refined  from every possible distance. Ultimately unstoppable.