The recent US Masters was memorable for a number of reasons – for one, it saw the hopeful but ultimately doomed return of Tiger Woods, who admitted to making a series of “dumb” mistakes throughout the tournament. For one promising young talent however, it marked a lifetime of achievement.

Step forward, Jordan Spieth: the 21-year-old Texan who has risen through the ranks to become second in the world rankings, just one behind the infamous Rory McIlroy. April certainly marks the start of a promising year for the golfer, and there are even those who are speculating that he could even win the golf Grand Slam this year.

Things were looking rosy for him as the US Masters kicked off on 6th April, securing the first major win of his career and earning him a tidy $1.8 million. At one point in the competition, he had achieved a record -19 score in the final role, but managed to bogey the final hole after missing the highway.

This was not about to knock Spieth off course however, and after winning the prestigious competition, he now holds the accolade of the third youngest player in PGA Tour history to win multiple events, behind Tiger Woods and Sergio García.

At such a young age, it’s certainly an impressive set of achievements, but golfing fans have also praised his manners on and off the green. Phil Mickelson said: “He’s obviously a tremendous player, but he’s just a tremendous individual, too. He’s really been a lot of fun to have on the past Ryders Cup and Presidents Cup teams. He’s just a quality individual. I think it’s hard not to like, not to pull for, the guy.”

Mickelson’s words have proven true in a number of scenarios, and in a break from the golfing scene, it’s also been confirmed that Spieth will be presenting the Female Vocalist of the Year Award at the forthcoming Academy of Country Music Awards.

Certainly, all eyes are now on Spieth in what could be his most exciting year yet. This time last year, the media was awash with stories of 23-year-old Rory McIlroy, who was also making headlines as one of the finest young golfers out there.

But beating the World Number 1 is quite an achievement in itself, and Spieth could just be on course for winning each of this year’s most prestigious golfing events, making him an even more impressive golfing prodigy than the former. Will he take to it like a duck to water or will he crumble under the pressure? Watch this space.