Ever wondered technology to get linked with an interesting sport, Golf? Then, here’s your wish coming true! Golf watches motivate your golf more exciting! They can even assemble the ideal round combining your best score for each hole. You can even share and compare the scores with your counter players.

Advance your track improvements for every course you play with Garmin golf watch. Garmin Approach S6 is a product of golf watches and a tool to speed up your round. It’s lightweight, stylish, comfortable, easy to use, and flexible for everyday wear. This golf watch has an attractive look and sleek design. In aesthetics terms, it’s a complete GPS watch.

Garmin Approach S6 comes with many more interesting features and specifications. Approach S6 works like a watch and can be used as an alarm for tee time. You can keep the device ON to find the course automatically! Distances are consistently on target, and for the most part, it’s accurate!


The watch is enabled with a high sensitivity GPS receiver to give precise yardage to the front, back, and middle of greens. It can measure distances, layup yardages to the 150 and 100-yard markers. Approach S6 has the ability to measure shot distances too!

There’s another feature like automatic time and date, an alarm, so that you don’t miss any tee time! It has an odometer to track the distance and a digital scorecard to keep a track of your score.

If you’re looking for quick information about the distance to green, Garmin Approach S6 is the best solution!

  • Garmin Approach S6 is known as first of its kind GPS technology in slimmest, lightest golf watch!
  • It features Swing Metrics: SwingTempo, TempoTraining, and SwingStrength
  • Dedicated CourseView button with Green View for manual pin positioning
  • PinPointer blind shot assistance gives you exact location of the pin
  • Touchscreen, high-resolution, glove-friendly

Swing metrics 

Train your swing with swing metrics using the S6, featuring SwingTempo and TempoTraining. SwingTempo measures the relationship between upswing and downswing, and expresses them in the ratio format. In successful golf swings, an ideal ratio of 3:1 has emerged, even with individual speed variations! TempoTraining uses the 3:1 ratio, and gives audible tones to synchronize your swing mechanics and fine-tune swing tempo.


SwingStrength allows you to compare how hard you swing with the normal full swing. This can be used on the driving range to practice consistency.


The PinPointer blind shot assistance feature was previous only available in top-of-the-line handhelds. This gives you a directional arrow to the green. You’ll know where to line up your shot, even if you’re in the woods, or deep in a trap.

Touch and move the pin

Green view shows you the true shape and green layout even if you’re behind it. Use the color touchscreen to manually drag–and–drop the pin to the present location. When you move the pin, your distance to the pin numbers will change respectively.  This is especially helpful on a par 3’s, where you’ll be able to dial in the distance you need to fire away with confidence.

Smartphone notifications

The S6 acts like a wireless extension of your Android smartphone, iPad, or iPhone. It displays whatever your device does, right on your watch. You can read emails or texts that you’ve been waiting for anxiously, via Bluetooth, even during the middle of the fairway.

Layup distances

If you haven’t played a course before course management is key! Layup distance shows yardages to doglegs and other hazards on the course.

Longer life battery

The more battery life the longer is your play or more rounds. The rechargeable Lithium polymer battery gives you around 10 hours of play. This is more than enough to finish two 18 holes rounds.

Preloaded courses and free updates

The S6 may be lightest, thinnest golf watch, but it is preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses. You get all these features without extra fees or paid subscriptions!  Download free course updates whenever available.

Go stylish with Garmin Approach S6 

Garmin golf watch like the Garmin Approach S6 looks impressive while you play the rounds. It doesn’t have an exclusive version for women, but the white edition is just meant to adorn every woman’s wrist!