Happy Horse

When horses live in the wild, they just feed on pastures. In a similar way, horse owners are always recommended to offer just forage that includes hay and pasture. The problem is that this is a diet that will not offer all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and energy that the horse needs. Horse feed has to be considered and adds to the diet, being 100% necessary for the nutrition plan of any horse.

You can choose out of various products and the number of choices is definitely overwhelming. With this in mind, here are some facts that will help you choose properly. According to todaysequine.net, there are some factors to consider, as highlighted below.

Horse Age

If the horse is under 2 years old, a special formula with around 15% protein is necessary. If the horse is a senior, special feed is automatically needed.

Activity Level

Obviously, horses that will compete in races will need more carbs for energy, together with extra protein in order to keep joints, tendons and muscles in an optimal working condition. Mineral and vitamin supplementation are necessary.

Medical Conditions

In this situation, you will need to consult an experienced vet in order to receive some recommendations. Different conditions bring in different nutritional needs.

Forage Used

This is a factor that you have to take into account when choosing horse feed. You should be sure that the feed will complement the forage in a perfect way. Horses cannot receive forage without it being a part of an overall well created plan that includes all necessary nutrients.

Always Consider Ingredients And Sellers

It is really important that you consider only the products that are offered by the top horse feed manufacturers in the business since they always offer the best formulas for equine needs. The great news is that the internet offers all the information you need. There are so many sites, blogs and forums where you can go and find the data that you need in order to choose the best possible horse feed. Never hurry and choose something that is optimal for the horse, based on the facts mentioned above.