Movember - Owen

If you and your mates are joining the masses to grow a mighty moustache this Movember, why not hold a fun bingo night to help raise some money for charity?

 Movember is all about getting guys to grow Mos and to use that furry billboard as a way to start conversations about men’s health.

What is Movember?

 So firstly, some of you may be asking, what actually is Movember?

 Well, Movember tackles the sensitive topic of men’s health and wellbeing – be it mental health, prostate or testicular cancer.

It does so by using the moustache as a catalyst to raise awareness, with the idea that the more that guys see other guys growing ‘taches during Movember, the more likely they are to open up to talk about their personal health, go for a check-up and break down the stigma attached to mental health.


Sports Stars Supporting Movember

Australian World Champion surfer Mick Fanning

NHL “tough guy” George Parros

Many of the Australian rugby union team

UFC Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar

QPR footballer Joey Barton

England Rugby Union player James Haskell

Ex Liverpool footballer Michael Owen

How can I get involved?

 It all sounds like pretty heavy stuff, but the truth is, while Movember targets serious topics, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while spreading the word.

 If you are growing a Mo for Movember, why not hold a charity event too? It’s the perfect way to further promote your support for this amazing campaign.

 Sponsored events like abseiling or football tournaments can raise lots of money but for those wanting something a little more low-key you could try car washes, raffles, bag packing or alternatively Movember bingo.

How can a Movember bingo night work?

 Grab your friends and bundle into someone’s front room with a few drinks, play a few games of bingo or play online bingo games.

 For the creative ones amongst you, you could create a bespoke bingo night by printing off pictures of each of you with your trademark ‘tache to make your own bingo boards.

 Those thinking big should check out local community halls and hold a ticketed bingo night in your village or town. The more the merrier!

 Movember primarily aims to raise awareness and understanding of men’s health to bring about a change in culture so men feel they can reach out for help or ask questions they may have.

Hopefully this November, you can be a part of bringing in this change and have fun while doing so!