Great athletes never cease to work on their game. Regardless of how good they become at their sport, they always look for ways to improve – no matter how small.


Looking to be one of the greats? Here are some performance tips to up your game!


  1. Gear Up Like A Pro

Physical fitness is only one component of athletic success. What truly separates great athletes is attention to detail (a.k.a. that other stuff most people ignore).


Most athletes don’t realize the importance of proper gear: that your clothing choices can make or break your performance. There are entire studies dedicated to cutting-edge sportswear, many of which have been proven to boost performance and reduce risk of injury.


As an athlete, a small adjustment might be all it takes to put you over the top. Instead of recycling your old gym clothes, find gear that’s comfortable, stylish, and built for your body.


That said, you don’t need to break bank for great gear. There are lots of innovative brands like  Strideline that can give you the best results at affordable prices.


  1. Develop A Killer Instinct

What do Tiger Woods, Marshawn Lynch, and Roger Federer have in common? They live for the big moments.


All great athletes thrive under pressure. When the lights are brightest and the stakes are highest, they deliver time and again. Play each game with a killer instinct. Be confident, but not cocky; bold, but not brash; and loose, but not reckless. Train yourself to approach the big moments with the mindset of a cold-blooded assassin. Be the guy everyone can count on when the clock is winding down.


If you want to play like a star, you need to look the part. Grab some custom socks from and take your performance over the top.


  1. Fuel Your Body

The best athletes have nutrition down to a science. That is, they know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Like them, you should treat your body like a well-oiled machine. The better you eat, the better your body works; and the better your body works, the better you perform on the field or on the court.


Switch out junk food for healthy proteins, nutritious fruits, and green veggies. Find out how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, and minerals your body needs and plan your meals accordingly. By eating the right foods, you can keep your body firing on all cylinders even after a long day at the gym.


  1. Learn From Losses

The great Walt Disney once said: “The difference between winning and losing is most often…not quitting.


Even the greatest athletes on Earth had to endure painful losses. Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school team; Tom Brady twice lost the Super Bowl; even the great Babe Ruth struck out more than a thousand times in his career. However, all of them refused to quit, no matter the situation.


Losing teaches lessons you can’t get from winning. So when you lose, take it as an opportunity to learn so you can come back stronger the next time around.



The life of an athlete is one of constant improvement. Take a good look at your game and find areas you can work on. Be your toughest critic, even when it gets hard. Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?