Imagine a process where the customer decides what sporting event they want to go to and then how much they pay for their ticket, believable? Well you better believe it. This is a completely innovative idea from the website ScoreBig for purchasing tickets online. They believe that you should be in control with how much you want to pay. They tell you your chances of getting tickets for your proposed price and if you submit your offer they tell you instantly if your offer has been accepted or not.


ScoreBig believe you save up to on average 60% off the full ticket price guaranteed. By choosing the seating area you want to sit in rather than the exact seat, you are actually giving ticket providers the flexibility to give you great deals whilst still having a great view of the game. If you are ordering on behalf of a group, no problem, because all seats ordered together are guaranteed to be next to each other. You get to choose how close to the action you get.


How it works

  1. Enter your location and the site will immediately return all events happening in your area, browse by team or by event type and choose your preferred date.
  2. Select where you would like to sit (which is categorised into tiers, each tier varying in price)
  3. Choose how many tickets you would like and your maximum offer price per ticket
  4. Score big tell you the probability of receiving a ticket at that price
  5. Instant reply (success or not)
  6. Enter delivery & Payment details. On some occasions an e-ticket can be issued giving you the flexibility to print your tickets at home.

When purchasing the tickets there is never a delivery charge so the price you offer once accepted is the price you pay. They don’t just do tickets to sporting events either, you can choose a variety of theatre & concert shows. I would fully recommend you try this exciting new revolutionary way of being in control when going to your next event, but don’t just take my world for it, go and experience it for yourself!


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