The season is now well underway and it looks as if it could be a good one, hopefully it will be a little more open than last season. It would be good so see a club other than the top three favourites Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea do well. Both Tottenham and Liverpool have started the season with a bang, so let’s hope that they can keep the momentum going. Certainly Wayne Rooney’s decision to stay at Manchester United will have an impact, if only on David Moyes’ reputation.

According to the bookmakers there is very little chance of any club other then Manchester City, Chelsea or Manchester United winning this season’s premiership. But Arsenal’s great form since the arrival of Mesut Ozil led to the punters throwing the Gunner’s hat into the ring. Manchester City and Chelsea are similarly priced at around 5/2 and the odds on Arsenal are just a little longer at 7/2. If you drop down to the fourth favourite Manchester United then you will find odds of around 9/2 and with Tottenham and Liverpool priced at 28/1 and 13/2 respectively. The prices on every other club are literally the kind of prices you would find at a casino. Everton is being offered at 125/1 and also, Crystal Palace at the bizarre price of 15,000/1. Imaging turning a £10 bet into £30,000 winnings.