Super Bowl 2014

Nine thousand higher end tickets are set to double in price this year from $1250 up to $2600! The price does come with the promise that some of the cheaper tickets will be lowered in price….from $600 to $500; still a fair whack out of your back pocket. Last year’s final saw some ticket prices rise up to $5000 above their  face value, the most expensive year still to come though, with ticket prices for next year’s event expected to reach an all-time sky high!


2012 Olympic 100m Final

It always amazing how people are so willing to spend so much, to see an event that lasts for so little time. This could not be more true for the 100m sprint,  with Usain Bolt looking to run through his own World Record of 9.58 seconds! Top tier ballot prices for the final athletics session saw people paying £725 a ticket, while certain corporate packages charged up to £27,000 for the privilege! More than one million people tried to buy tickets for this one in every four years event, with just under eighty thousand lucky applicants drawn from the hat.


2013 Wimbledon Final

International tennis stars Andy Murray and Novak Djovokic faced off in July 2013 in what would become one of the most expensive ticketing events in Wimbledon’s history. On the morning of the match, ticket prices rose to around £40,000 each. The cost of the seats was 322 times more than the £130 face value of the  ticket in the official Wimbledon ballot. For the price, late buyers got to watch a three hour contest that ended with Murray beating Djovokic, becoming the first British winner of the men’s singles title since Fred Perry!

The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Day Thirteen

The 2014 Football World Cup

With the biggest football competition in the world coming up, it’s no surprise to see that people have been anticipating high ticket prices to meet an even bigger demand. A group stage match at the World cup next year will cost a tourist up to £110, while a ticket to the final will cost you up to £670. Also, take into consideration that these are just the face value of the tickets; what with second seller sights and “touts” on the loose, who knows what sky high prices some people will be willing to pay! Taxi drivers in Brazil have already been reported to be charging foreign tourists up to thirty times the normal fair!


Floyd Mayweather Vs. Canelo Alvarez

One of the most anticipated fights on the millennium took centre stage last September with a fight between Mayweather and Alvarez who both went into the match unbeaten.  Mayweather purchased over a staggering $600000 worth of tickets for his family and friends. (Not that it mattered much to him….he was being paid a fee of over 40 million dollars to fight!) The most expensive tickets sold at face value went for $2000 dollars, with the most expensive resale being $30000 for a ring side seat!



Written by Rory Owen an enthusiastic sports blogger for TG Store

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