Following a poor reaction from Everton fans regarding the redesign of the clubs crest for this season provoked protests from fans asking for another design to be considered.

Initially the club has removed its clubs motto ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ from the design which had sparked the initial anger of fans. The club since made a U-Turn saying that they would open up a voting system to fans with three designs for them to choose from for the seasons to come.

The winning design gained almost 80% of the vote with 10, 343 votes.

new everon badge

Roberto Martinez has stated that he was impressed with this new design straightaway when he saw it, saying that it captures what they are looking for in a crest giving it a modern design without taking away the key concepts of all the key icons of the football club. He stressed that it was important that ‘Nil Satis’ was back on the badge (nothing but the best) as well as certain icons that represent many years of history that is important to fans.

The club apologised in May after 22,000 fans had signed an online petition condemning the awful 2013-2014 badge.

The winning design which was voted for via the club’s website, will be used from next season onwards.