Ever gone out on your boat, taken yourself far away for the best catches, gotten a big tangle in your line, cut it free and then found you didn’t have any spare? Or how about throwing your one good lure out, only to get it snagged and lost for good, with nothing to replace it? Don’t let an empty tackle box ruin your fishing trip. Stock up on the essentials from an esteemed fishing store like MOTackle (click here is to see their range) and make sure you have all of the following.

Extra line/hook

As the old saying goes, you can never have too much. Chances are you will snag your line while you’re fishing or get it tangled up, so you will need an extra line to replace it. Now, different conditions will call for different lines, which means it is best to carry a line for every occasion in your tackle box. All things considered, your tackle box should be overflowing with spare lines and hooks.

Bobbers and Sinkers

Almost as important as your hooks and line, the bobbers and sinkers are a vital part of bait fishing. We all know how important sinkers are, but it is just important to have the right sized sinker for the right occasion. The bobbers are there to tell you when you have a tug on the line. There are two main types of bobbers, the clip bobber, which will only allow your hook to sink so far, and the slip bobber which does not hinder the hook from sinking at all. Your tackle box should have a selection of at least two of each.


Lures are yet another major part of the tackle box. Lures will allow you to fish for specific fish in strict conditions. Each type is designed to behave a certain way, so make sure you have a collection that is wide enough for you to pick and choose depending on where and what you are fishing for. Lure types become a personal preference; once you know what you like, stick with it and stack up a collection for your tackle box.

Multi Tool

There are two handy tools for you keep in your tackle box. The needle nose pliers and a line cutter. But your tackle box only has so much room, and with all the other stuff you have put in there, it’s probably starting to get full. There is an easy solution. Buy yourself a multi tool. Equipped with pliers, cutters and knives, the multi tool is the perfect fit for the job, whether it’s getting hooks out of your catch, cutting tangled line or even cracking open a cold one.

First Aid/sunscreen/bug spray

A first aid kit is a must have in any tackle box. Anything can go wrong when you are fishing, especially with so many hooks and knives around. We’ve all seen the funny videos where the guy throws back his line and hooks his ear, but there’s nothing worse than hooking your own fingers when you’re grabbing onto a line! If you do, you will want that first aid kit close and ready! Another must have is sunscreen. When you are sitting out in the sun all day waiting for that perfect catch, you are bound to get sunburnt, so remember to cover yourself up and be sun smart.

Don’t be caught out this season; stock up and be ready for anything. What essentials do you keep in your tackle box?