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The fifth annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view came to us live from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Kick-off show – Cody Rhodes and Goldust v Ryback and Curtis Axel

The team often referred to as Rybaxel were accompanied to the ring by Curtis Axels grandfather Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig but this didn’t do much to help as Curtis accepted a Alama-bama Slam inside the ring from Cody Rhodes before Ryback received a disaster kick outside the ring, Cody then got back into the ring to deliver Cross-Rhodes but Ryback interfered and was taken out by Goldust to leave Cody in the ring to deliver Cross-Rhodes to Axel for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The Uso’s were showed backstage with Byron building up their tag match by saying the reign of the New Age Outlaws was over.

Big E v Jack Swagger (Intercontinental Championship)

Zeb cut a promo about Big E doing nothing with the title as long as he has had it before saying he knew what the E in his name stood for and insulting the Champion before the match.

The Champion gained the advantage in the opening stages when he knocked Swagger down with a shoulder block and one half of The Real Americans rolled out of the ring to receive a pep talk from Zeb.

Swagger was then bounced off the steel steps on the outside before being speared into the steps as well. Both men went for a clothesline and there was an almighty collision leaving both men down in the middle of the ring before Big E went shoulder first into the steel post.

Big E then hit successive clotheslines followed by a belly to back suplex to build some momentum but Swagger was back up quickly and hit the spine-buster. Swagger then went for the Swagger Bomb but Big E countered and speared him to the outside.

Big E climbed to the top rope and Swagger hit the belly to back suplex from the top rope for the two count before locking in the Patriot Lock. E reversed and the straps came down but Swagger countered into the Patriot Lock again, but The Champion fought out with an enziguri before hitting the Big Ending to retain his title.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Big E

Bad News Barrett then entertained the crowd telling them that Russia were better than America in the Winter Olympics.

BACKSTAGE: Daniel Bryan was backstage with Byron and talked about The Elimination Chamber and how his opponents will go after his injured shoulder, but he will fight with everything he has to ensure he goes to Wrestlemania.

The Uso’s v The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Championship)

Following singles match wins over both members of The New Age Outlaws in recent weeks The Uso’s finally got their chance at the gold.

The New Age outlaws took the upper hand early on but Jimmy knocked Billy to the outside, they then move out of the way before The Uso’s could fly.

Jey was then tagged out and thrown to the outside where he was turned inside out by a clothesline by Billy Gunn. Jimmy got the tag and the pace quickened with him hitting the Samoan drop on Billy Gunn before flying outside to take out Road Dogg.

Billy Gunn then climbed back into the ring and received a superkick for the two count before Road Dogg made the distraction and took a superkick for his troubles but Gunn got the roll up off the distraction for the win.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

Bad News Barrett then delivered the bad news that Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be winning the chamber tonight and apparently this will force his fans to turn on him.

Titus O’Neil v Darren Young

The former tag team partners collided in this match that showed the bad blood between the two. Darren threw his shirt at Titus before the match started and Darren then gained the advantage in the opening stages but Titus used his strength over Young and locked him in a stretch.

Young then hit a neckbreaker on the apron for a two count but Titus followed this with Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

Bad News Barrett then dissed Minnesota’s NFL team and talked about Hulk Hogan’s return before saying that he was essentially better than Hogan.

The Shield v The Wyatt Family

The most anticipated match of the night saw the two stables collide in what was billed as the war to end all wars.

Before the match started The Shield attacked The Wyatts and cleared the ring. Seth got the match underway against Rowan with Seth gaining the upper hand before tagging out to Roman.

Roman and Bray then faced off with Bray gaining the advantage before tagging in Ambrose before The Shield then used the quick tags to wear down Harper.

Harper then delivered a drop kick to Ambrose before tagging in Bray who continued the beat down.

Seth got the hot tag and quickened the pace with a drop kick before Rowan provided the distraction whilst he was on the top rope. Harper hit the super-plex but Rollins landed on his feet and threw Harper to the outside.

The Wyatt family began to wear Seth down but the smaller man found an opening when he landed a drop kick and Roman got the tag and hit the Samoan drop on Rowan followed by the flying kick before getting the two count. Dean saved Roman from Bray before Harper flew and took Dean out on the outside and Seth followed with a flip over the ring ropes.

Back in the ring Roman got a two count from a roll up before Bray and Harper tried to out Seth through the announce table but Dean saved him and took the fight to Bray in the crowd.

Rowan and Roman continued the fight in the ring and Roman was sent into the steel post. But hit a thunderous clothesline for a two count. Seth and Harper continued to fight on the outside and Bray then joined his family member and put Seth on the announce table.

Harper and Rowan then put Seth through the Spanih announce table and turned their attention on Reigns who was left in the ring. The three on one assault ensued before Bray went for Sister Abigail but Roman fought out and hit the Samoan drop.

Reigns then hit the superman punch on both Bray and Harper before the spear to Harper but Bray hit Sister Abigail off the distraction for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

AJ Lee v Cameron (Divas Championship)

AJ cut a promo about being the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time before Cameron’s entrance broke it up.

Cameron threw her pom poms at AJ before the match started which seemed to anger AJ, Cameron showed signs of improvement getting a quick roll up on AJ for a two count.

AJ then dumped Cameron out of the ring and Tamina in advertantly kicked AJ in the face, and then forced the DQ before Cameron could pin AJ for the title.

Winner via DQ: Cameron

AJ then snatched the title from Tamina after the match.

Bad News Barrett then talked about the WWE network and that no one will be able to turn it off.

Batista v Alberto Del Rio

After being put through a table two weeks ago on Raw, Del Rio approached the ring on crutches and announced that he wouldn’t compete before attacking Batista with the crutches before the match even started and aimed his assault at The Animal’s knee.

The match then officially started and Batista fought back but went shoulder first into the post, and Del Rio then went after The Animals arm and tried to dissect it. The crowd were not into the match at all and started chanting for “CM Punk” and “Daniel Bryan” instead.

Del Rio secured a two count off an enziguri before going and taking the turnbuckle cover off but Batista hit a spear before Del Rio then hit a back stabber as the match went back and forth between the two.

Del Rio went for a high risk move from the top rope but Batista moved, hit the spine buster and went for the Batista Bomb but Del Rio fought out and hit a shining wizard for a two count.

Del Rio then went for the cross arm breaker but Batista countered into the Batista Bomb for the win.

Winner: Batista

Randy Orton v Daniel Bryan v John Cena v Sheamus v Christian v Cesaro (Elimination Chamber match)

Sheamus and Cesaro started the match up as the remaining four competitors awaited their entrance in their pods.

Cesaro came out fighting and began the beat down on Sheamus but The Celtic Warrior fought back and knocked Cesaro out onto the steel.

John Cena and Cesaro then had some banter through the pod whilst Sheamus was beaten down in the corner.

Daniel Bryan was the third entrant into the Chamber and hit the missile drop kick on his way out, quickening the pace of the match.

Bryan then delivered the kicks to both Cesaro and Sheamus before locking both men into a submission move. Sheamus and Cesaro then went out to the steel and Bryan bounced the smaller man off before Bryan was thrown through the pod.

Sheamus then rolled on top of Cesaro on the steel or a two count. Christian was the next entrant and came out quickly taking it to Daniel Bryan before throwing him out onto the steel and pushing his bad shoulder up against the chains.

Heel Christian showed his aggressive side as he used everything the chamber had to offer to gain the upper hand over Bryan. Sheamus then threw Christian at the chains a few times before Christian delivered a neck-breaker on the steel.

The steel looked to be unforgiven for many of the competitors as they began to show battle scars. John Cena then became the next entrant and caught Christian in mid-air and FU’d him into Sheamus.

Before Daniel Bryan kicked John Cena and Christian hit the Kill Switch on Bryan for a two count. Cesaro went for the Cesaro swing but Cena hit the cross body.

Sheamus hit White Noise on Cena for a two count, before Christian hit the tornado DDT on Cesaro for a near fall. Daniel Bryan was then bounced off the sides of the chamber by Sheamus before the Irishman was super-plexed by Cesaro.

The Champion then entered the match up and began posing for the fans, he then went after Daniel Bryan and everyone cornered Orton and he got back into his pod.

Sheamus then Brogue kicked the pod and took Orton out and against the steel. Cesaro then got the swing on Orton.

Sheamus was then eliminated after Orton hit the super-plex and Christian got the cross body from the top of the pod. Christian followed him out after Bryan hit the flying knee to the face.

The four remaining men had a stare off and Randy took Bryan and Cena took Cesaro. Cena through Cesaro out onto the steel before dragging him in and putting him into the STF which he tapped leaving just three men.

Orton went for the RKO but Cena locked in the STF and The Wyatt family attacked. Bryan tried to fight them off but they went through him to Cena and Bray delivered Sister Abigail and Randy Orton then picked up the scraps pinning John Cena.

This left just Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton and Kane then appeared and Bryan hit the knee to the face and Orton threw him through the pod off the distraction.

Bryan then hit the knee to the face and was going to win but Kane grabbed the referee and provided the distraction for Randy to get the RKO. Bryan kicked out and got a two count roll up. Kane punched Daniel and provided another distraction for a second RKO and this time Orton got the win.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

So the seeds of Christian v Sheamus and Bray Wyatt v John Cena have been planted for Wrestlemania in just six weeks. Elimination Chamber was the final pay-per-view shot on the road to Wrestlemania and now the biggest event of the year is merely weeks away and the seeds have been planted as the WWE Network launches later today and the build up to April’s showpiece begins.