Reading the latest NCAA football lines looks like a science to those who have no experience wagering on sports. A mathematician like the ones employed by companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vegas Insider, Coopers Picks, and Sports Options who help to create the latest odds and point spreads for college football games.


The latest lines will show the point spread. This consists of the difference between the two teams to even out the chance of winning for what is called an underdog.  The underdog is the team that has a smaller chance at winning whether they are playing on the road or the team does not match up statistically as well against the other team. Certain players do not play well on the road, in cold weather conditions, when traveling across multiple time zones, and all sorts of other issues that prevent a team from an optimal playing condition.


So what the oddsmakers go out and do is they create what is called the point spread to even the two teams out. You will see the University of Florida Gators as a 3 point underdog against the University of Alabama Roll Tide who would be giving up 3 points to even out the spread. This will look like Alabama -3 versus Florida Gators +3 or just the number 3. You can see a visual example here where it also shows a big number. That big number in the center to the left is known as the “Total”. The total amount of points scored in a game can also be wagered on and that is called the over/under number. You can wager that college football team Stanford playing against the Oregon Ducks is going to score more than 75.5 points. Alternatively you can wager on the opposite, which is that they will score less than 75.5 points in the game. If the game ends with a score of 40 to 35 then the under wager would be paid and those who bet on the over would have their bet voided.


Gambling on sports especially college football can be extremely difficult and tricky and it’s important that you always wager responsibly. You can end up in a sports haze once you see that you bet five hundred thousand dollars on a bunch of men running up and down the field but if you are disciplined and use a great handicapper then you can certainly beat the bookmakers and make a lot of money investing in sports when you know how to properly read the information.