It is now precisely 30 years to the date (Sept. 14th 1985) when the Canadian Men’s National team had what can be called a high moment. The team qualified for the World Cup for the first and thus far the only time.

Just about three years back, the Canadian Men’s National team underwent what is one of its lowest lows after being tumbled out of the world cup qualifier with an 8-1 defeat. One this the two matches have in common is the opposing team, which was Honduras.

Every time Honduras meets with the Canadian side, free bets shoot upwards in favor of Honduras. The latter is a Central American country with an estimated population of eight million individuals.

The team has played what pundits deem to be an outsized role ousting Canada’s world cup quest in the last three decades.

As fate would have it, now Honduras stands between Canada’s Roads to Russia for the 2018 World Cup. However, Canadian soccer just this week made an announcement that Les Rouges will play for the team during the semifinal qualifying round on 13th November.

The game will be played in Vancouver and will see Canada once again come face to face with Honduras. We all know where free bets will be favoring most!

The Field Of Play

The match will be held at BC Place and will be the first time in a decade for fans based in Vancouver to watch in action the men’s national play in Vancouver. The match between these two teams will also be an excellent opportunity for team Canada to avenge the humiliating 8-1 loss in 2012.

The match slated for November will be well received by fans on Canada’s west coast. The West Coast is already riding high after the exemplary performance from the Women’s World Cup being in their backyard.

Also the terrific season the Vancouver Whitecaps have had this year. However, the choice of location for the Canada and Honduras game has caused uproar from other regions in Canada. There are soccer fans who prefer an outdoor locale in places such as Ottawa or Edmonton.

Their argument being that the chilly autumn temperatures would grant the Canadian team an advantage. Pundits argue that every time the Canadian team goes to Honduras, they are often subjected to face the team at midday ratcheting up the heat.

Should The Canadian Team Be Given The Home Weather Advantage?

For sure should the November-slated game taken place in the outdoor locations where the autumn weather favors’ the Canadian side, free bets would have supported the Canadians more. Thirty years ago, however, the match was played in front of a raucous pro-Canadian team in Newfoundland.

In short, we all know that it is not possible to quantify the impact that the crowd will deliver, nor the impact resulting from the venue and weather. The only thing that the Canadian team outdid itself and won the match.

The Canadian team continued with the same spirit nine years later and qualified for the 1994 World Cup winning over Honduras 3-1 in Burnaby in 1993. Unfortunately, in the run-up for the 2006 qualifying matches, things changed and Honduras was on a revenge mission.

The two teams met on Sept 4th, 2004 and the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Four years later, the two North American teams met again on Sept. 6th in 2008, and Canadian’s history was changed.

In conclusion, one thing is for sure so far; Canada has been preparing for this game against Honduras.

We know for sure that 30 years later, the team is determined to upset the Central American side and end up the victorious side!


This article was composed by sports aficionado Tony Samboras. As a sports fanatic Tony is continually taking about the improvements that occur around his most loved games. Tony’s other work incorporates contributing his insight to http://www.freebets.com.au/