Right now, the Golden State Warriors are the best team in a loaded Western Conference. They’re looking for their 1st NBA championship since 1975, and the game has certainly changed in the last 40 years. Even since the 1990s when the Chicago Bulls dominated with Michael Jordan, the game is much more perimeter oriented. In a way, Golden State is the standard barer for this new style of play.


The three-point shot was ushered into the NBA in the 1970s, but it really has only taken off in the last 20 years or so. These days, it seems like every team is loaded with players who can shoot efficiently from the outside. Golden State has taken it to a new level, especially when you consider their stars Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Known as the Splash Brothers, they run in transition by going to the 3 point line instead of to the basket. It is certainly not the way the Chicago Bulls play the game, but the results are somewhat similar. They are 44-10 heading into a pivotal matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although they have not been able to win a championship just yet, they are one of the favorites this season and should be contenders for the next few years.


Inside, Golden State has just enough muscle to get by. They are not built with a dominant center in mind, but they do have Andrew Bogut as enough rim protection to keep athletic teams out of the paint. Instead of going with a conventional power forward, they use small ball lineups to get more looks from the perimeter.


With the current rules in place, basketball is evolving as a sport that is based around the three-point line. Some people might not like the style of play of the Golden State Warriors, but more and more teams are mimicking how they play. When you are the standard others are trying to live up to, a comparison to the Chicago Bulls is not completely crazy.


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