NFL football is easily the most popular sport in the United States today. Tens of thousands of people pile into every stadium each week to enjoy the stadium experience. And millions of people tune in from home to watch every game. People tailgate, go to viewing parties, and stop everything that they are doing just to enjoy the wonders of a good football game.

Whether it be Monday night football, Thursday night football, or all the games on the weekend; the NFL has America’s attention. Here’s a quick run-down of the highlights, but you can keep up on all the ongoing action by purchasing DIRECTV NFL packages, which include NFL Sunday Ticket.

Who’s having a Great Year? 

Every season there are a few teams that are head and shoulders above the competition. These are the teams that have many people are already thinking about the postseason. There are three such teams that will clearly be a force to be reckoned with, and two of the three teams just so happen to be undefeated (after week 10).

First, the Carolina Panthers: quarterback Cam Newton has been playing the best football of his career and was recently named NFC Player of the Week. The Panthers have been impressive this year. Next, the Cincinnati Bengals; who have been impressive all year and have ranked near the top of the league in all offensive categories. Finally, the New England Patriots; Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are having yet another great year. And the Patriots are looking to dominate again, following an offseason of deflate-gate controversy.

Which Teams are Struggling? 

Just like there are always a few teams that are superior, there are also always a few teams struggling. First, the Washington Redskins with a record of 4 and 5. And with the replacement of Robert Griffin III with Kirk Cousins, they have had a mediocre season so far.

Next is a team that was not so long ago at the top of the league, the San Francisco 49ers. With the replacement of their coach and the benching of their quarterback, they are struggling. It’s unlikely the 49ers will make significant moves to make the playoffs this season.

Finally, and in last place, the Cleveland Browns. They are 2 and 8, and rank at the bottom of the league in most offensive categories.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The season is well underway and Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching. Some teams are having great seasons and others are not doing as well as they had hoped. But the season is definitely not over yet. There are still highlights yet to be seen and history that has yet to be made. If you are a football fan or even just a sports fan then you will not want to miss the rest of the season. Plus, with all the watching options available it is always easy to watch the highlights of the NFL season as they happen.