In the world of online horse racing, there are many different types of bets that can be made.  Some of them are extremely simple, and others are quite a bit more complex.  The variety of betting choices allow for interesting play.

Win and Place

–   Win – A win bet is straight up.  If the runner you bet on wins, you win.

–   Place – A place bet is made when you want to bet that the runner you picked gets 1st , 2 nd , or 3 rd .  The number of places that qualify depend on the size of the field.

–   Eight or more horses pay 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd .

–   Five to seven horses pay 1 st  and 2 nd .

–   Less than five horses pays only 1st .

Fixed Odds

Another popular horse racing bet is Fixed Odds.  For these bets, there is a set price, which the “win” portion of the bet is paid.  The bookmaker sets the price.  For example, if you bet $100.00 a win at the fixed odds price of $4.20, you will realize a return of $420.  A few minutes later, if the horse drifts up to $4.50 then the best price is missed.  If it gets confirmed at $3.90, then you get the better price.


In Australian horse racing online, there are more complex bets that can be made as well to stir things up and make them more interesting.  One bet that many often experiment with early on is the Quinella.

For a Quinella, you win when you correctly select the first and second place finishers.  You don’t have to get them in the right order.  The payouts for this bet are calculated based on the total amount of money in the pool at the end of the race.


The Exacta bet is one notch above the Quinella in accuracy.  For the Exacta, you have to declare the first and second place finishers, in the exact order.  If you bet that horse number 1 will come in first and 5 will come in second, then they have to run in that order for you to get a payout.


Even more accurate and riskier than the Exacta is the Trifecta.  In this situation, you have to call the first, second, and third place finishers in that exact order.  These are extremely difficult to predict, but glorious if they work out well.

First Four

When the first four finishers are called and they run in that order, then you win the First Four bet.  There are four variations of First Four bets that can be made.

Straight First Four – Betting on the first four finishers in the exact order.

Box First Four – Betting on the first four finishers, but in any order.  There are 24 combinations possible.

Standout First Four – The first place finisher is selected (the standout) and then coupled with three other runners to finish second, third, and fourth.

Multiple First Four – Two or more horses are selected to finish in first place, with others named to finish second, third, and fourth.

With these basic horseracing bets, you are ready to head online and predict some winners.  There are many more bets that can be made, but these basic ones will give you the gist.  Once you have mastered these simpler bets, you can move ahead and try out some of the more complex ones.

Robert Davis is a veteran of online betting. He enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of the online betting industry to help players make smart choices.