You’d expect a certain level of care at a gym, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would, so it’s alarming to discover that a third of gyms in Australia aren’t screening clients to see if they have any pre-existing health problems.

What’s more nearly a quarter of gyms have a poor understanding of suggested safety guidelines from Fitness Australia which have been designed to improve industry standards across the nation.

The results come from a survey of more than 1,100 people working in the industry, and also discovered that 44 per cent say free weights aren’t being put away properly, making them a hazard.

Half also reported seeing members lifting weights too heavy for them which could lead to potential long-term physical damage.

The survey was conducted by Caroline Finch, head of the centre for healthy and safe sport at Federation University in Melbourne with assistance from other professional bodies.

The survey paints a poor picture for the state of Australia’s gyms, especially for people considering joining one but are worried about risking their health instead of improving it!

What’s most worrying is the apparent unwillingness from a number of industry workers to implement Fitness Australia’s voluntary guidelines, with the survey showing huge numbers across the country are still ignorant of its existence.

Fitness Australia introduced a national screening system in 2012 called the Australian adult pre-exercise screening system which helps assess gym members’ risks of cardiovascular disease, metabolic or respiratory illness, and more.

That these and basic safety practices aren’t being adhered to by those working in the industry… it goes to show that a lot of people are paying a lot of money for gym memberships and aren’t getting the basic care they deserve.

It’s important to point out that there are lot of fine gyms out there that do look after their clients and give great service, but it’s also fair to say that these figures show that scores are ignoring simple safety procedures.

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