All of the World Cup 2018 Groups were picked on the 1st of December. These groups were picked at random by taking 1 team out of each of the 4 seeding pools. These pools were made by the official FIFA rankings with the hosts also being added into Pool 1 as standard also. The pools work to stop too many large teams being placed in the same group to keep them fair for everyone… A team in Pool 1 could not be placed in a group with another pool 1 team allowing a fair distribution of all teams involved.

Europe has the most representatives in the FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament with 14 participants – Russia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Serbia,  Spain, Croatia, Denmark Sweden & Switzerland. Africa will be represented by 5 teams – Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia. North & Central America along with the Caribbean will be represented by just 3 teams due to the USA failing to qualify, these teams are Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. South America will be represented by 5 teams – Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.And finally Asia will be represented by Australia, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Below is how all of the 2018 World Cup teams have been grouped and if you are looking to place any bets, click here to find a range of world cup betting tips.
FIFA World Cup Groups

Group A
Saudi Arabia
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Costa Rica
Group F
South Korea
Group G
Group H

FIFA World Cup Fixtures

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Thursday 14th June
Russia Vs. Saudi Arabia
Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowFriday 15th June
Egypt Vs. Uruguay
Central Stadium, YekaterinburgTuesday 19th June
Russia Vs. Egypt
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgWednesday 20th June
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia
Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-donMonday 25th June
Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt
Volgograd Arena, VolgogradiMonday 25th June
Uruguay vs. Russia
Samara Arena, Samarai
Friday 15th June
Morocco Vs. Iran
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgFriday 15th June
Portugal Vs. Spain
Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiWednesday 20th June
Portugal Vs. Morocco
Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowWednesday 20th June
Iran Vs. Spain
Kazan Arena, KazanMonday 25th June
Iran Vs. Portugal
Mordovia Arena, SaranskMonday 25th June
Spain Vs. Morocco
Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
Saturday 16th June
France Vs. Australia
Kazan Arena, KazanSaturday 16th June
Peru Vs. Denmark
Mordovia Arena, SaranskThursday 21st June
Denmark Vs. Australia
Samara Arena, SamaraThursday 21st June
France Vs. Peru
Central Stadium, YekaterinburgTuesday 26th June
Australia Vs. Peru
Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiTuesday 26th June
Denmark Vs. France
Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow
Saturday 16th June
Argentina Vs. Iceland
Otkrytie Arena, MoscowSaturday 16th June
Croatia Vs. Nigeria
Kaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradThursday 21st June
Argentina Vs. Croatia
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodFriday 22nd June
Nigeria Vs. Iceland
Volgograd Arena, VolgogradTuesday 26th June
Iceland Vs. Croatia
Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-donTuesday 26th June
Nigeria Vs. Argentina
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Sunday 17th June
Costa Rica Vs. Serbia
Samara Arena, SamaraSunday 17th June
Brazil Vs. Switzerland
Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-donFriday 22nd June
Brazil Vs. Costa Rica
Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgFriday 22nd June
Serbia Vs. Switzerland
Kaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradWednesday 27th June
Serbia Vs. Brazil
Otkrytie Arena, MoscowWednesday 27th June
Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod
Sunday 17th June
Germany Vs. Mexico
Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowMonday 18th June
Sweden Vs. South Korea
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodSaturday 23rd June
South Korea Vs. Mexico
Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-donSaturday 23rd June
Germany Vs. Sweden
Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiWednesday 27th June
South Korea Vs. Germany
Kazan Arena, KazanWednesday 27th June
Mexico Vs. Sweden
Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg
Monday 18th June
Belgium Vs. Panama
Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiMonday 18th June
Tunisia Vs. England
Volgograd Arena, VolgogradSaturday 23rd June
Belgium Vs. Tunisia
Otkrytie Arena, MoscowSunday 24th June
England Vs. Panama
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodThursday 28th June
England Vs. Belgium
Kaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradThursday 28th June
Panama Vs. Tunisia
Mordovia Arena, Saransk
Colombia vs. Japan
Mordovia Arena, SaranskTUESDAY 19TH JUNE
Poland vs. Senegal
Otkrytie Arena, MoscowSUNDAY 24TH JUNE
Japan vs. Senegal
Central Stadium, YekaterinburgSUNDAY 24TH JUNE
Poland vs. Colombia
Kazan Arena, KazanTHURSDAY 28TH JUNE
Japan vs. Poland
Volgograd Arena, VolgogradTHURSDAY 28TH JUNE
Senegal vs. Colombia
Samara Arena, Samara

FIFA World Cup Group Analysis

Group A – The weakest of the 8 groups, hosts Russia gets paired with Saudi Arabia, one of the worst teams in the competition. I predict that Russia & Uruguay will go through, but there is a high possibility that Egypt could beat either of these teams and qualify instead.


Group B – Portugal have drawn a tough group getting Spain, the strongest of the second seeds. Iran should not be overlooked they have had an excellent run of form but I predict Spain to finish first with Portugal in a close second.


Group C – Easy group for France who shouldn’t realistically drop any games to the other 3 teams, 2nd place will be a coinflip between Denmark & Australia but I think Denmark will make it through!


Group D – In my opinion this is the hardest group, Argentina are a very strong team but are very inconsistent and both Iceland & Croatia have had an excellent run of form in the qualifying & Euro 2016 competition. I predict Argentina to be 1st with Iceland going through in 2nd.

Group E – Easy group for Brazil who like France shouldn’t drop a game. 2nd place will be a coinflip between Switzerland & Costa Rica who both have world class star players, who will go through will depend on who’s star players are performing in their fixtures between each other! In my opinion Brazil will be 1st with Costa Rica 2nd in the group.

Group F – Germany should not struggle in this group but it will be an interesting tie between Sweden & Mexico who both have similar squad ability levels & depth, a few injuries or poor performances by players will have a great impact on this group. South Korea are a potential dark horse at getting through as although lately they have not been performing you don’t have to go back many years to a time when they was a very strong team! I think Germany & Mexico will go through in this group!

Group G – This group will be a two horse race between Belgium and England with Tunisia & Panama not really having a chance to qualify. I predict England to be 1st and Belgium to be 2nd but this will likely come down to the final fixture of the group in which they will play each other.

Group H – Group H is very open with Poland being the weakest of the seed 1 teams being matched up with Columbia who are quite a strong seed 2 team. Japan and Senegal could potentially qualify in the group and this is one of the only groups they could potentially qualify from so they are very fortunate. I predict Poland to finish in 1st with Columbia a close second!