Every game day and training day almost always ends in a huge pile of dirty laundry, which is perfectly fine – athletes perspire and are exposed to the elements. Because of this, athletic laundry can hold all sorts of things like sweat, dirt, mud, and, sometimes, blood. It can get really messy on the field and on the court.

Many people make the mistake of treating athletic laundry as they would normal clothing. Athletic gear can be a source of infection and should be handled using heavy-duty washers and dryers.

To further explain, here are 4 more reasons why every sports team needs an industrial washer.

  1. Dirty Laundry Is Piling Up

Athletic clothing does not only come from locker rooms. It can also be from health clubs, gyms, high school or college teams, or even sports clubs. In a day, loads of dirty and smelly athletic clothing require extensive washing. This can only be done by industrial washers that are engineered to cater to high-volume and high-performance requirements. Continental Girbaud offers different kinds of industrial products that cater to your needs. Such products include Continuous Batch Washing Systems, batch tunnel washers, water-extraction presses, pass-through dryers, open-pocket washers and dryers, ironing systems, feeders, folders, stackers and conveyor systems.

  1. It’s More Hygienic

Athletic related laundry needs serious disinfecting because of its nature of use. Furthermore, it prevents spreading of infections like Athlete’s Foot among athletes. This also applies to fitness gyms where towels are provided for use of customers. If you are a sports buff or a gym rat, make sure your athletic clothing or accessories are properly disinfected. It is also advisable to you’re your sports laundry separate from your non-sports laundry. Fortunately, modern coin operated washers are now engineered to cater to active wears through top of the line heating technology that disinfect clothing from unwanted infections.

  1. Maintains Pristine Condition

In every sports team, the most common sports laundry is the uniform that is used repeatedly.. With this, having a dependable washer helps prevent your sports laundry from getting ruined. Having an in-house industrial washer gives you more control on the proper handling of your team’s uniforms, towels, etc.

  1.     It’s Cost Efficient

As mentioned in the previous items, sports laundry never runs out and requires special handling for purposes of hygiene. Given this, outsourcing your dirty laundry will only be more costly for your team. You do not only end up spending more if your uniforms get ruined, but you’ll also have the burden of absorbing these suppliers’ operating costs. Not like having your own washers where proper handling is assured and you can reallocate your monthly laundry costs to other important expenses of the team.

Sports laundry should not be treated like any other laundry. Proper disinfection should be in place to ensure prevention of spreading of diseases or bacteria among other athletes. Fortunately, there are several industrial washers in the market that are engineered to cater to sports wear. Aside from providing the necessary disinfectant features, you will also be able to ensure proper handling of your sports wear allowing prolonged usage.